Social and Emotional Learning

  • The Faculty and Staff at Swope Middle School have made a commitment this year to focus on the social and emotional development of Swope Students.  


10 Tips for a Distraction Free Homework Zone

  • Students should be working on homework for no more than 90 minutes per school day.  For this time to be both productive and effective, students should work in a distraction free environment.  We will work with students to experience this at school, but here are some tips for your home.

    10 Tips for a Distraction Free Homework Environment

How Do We Auto-Correct Humanity

  • We will be sharing this video with students to discuss the Swope and Magnet cell phone rules and to begin discussions about mindfully focusing on the present moment and completing work without distractions.  We are hopeful these lessons will follow students home and they will be able to complete homework in a distraction-free environment.  Please enjoy this short video and discuss with your child.

    How Do We Auto-Correct Humanity