• Hold That Text

    Please remember that here at Swope MS, students are expected to NOT use their cell phones throughout the day.  Here is an interesting blog post from Tech Talk Tuesday that talks about how even one text can disrupt a student's attention: Hold That Text.  We encourage you to take the time to read and talk about this with your child.  


    SafeVoice is an on-going program launched by the Nevada Department of Education.  This anonymous reporting app for parents, students, and staff members is designed to confidentially and efficiently send tips to a team of qualified staff at the school so that the tip may be investigated.

    Student Drop-off/Pick-up at Swope

    One of our highest priorities here at Swope is your child's safety.  To help us in the pursuit, please drop off and pick up your child behind Swope on Sherwood Drive.  It is much quicker and much less congested without general traffic and buses driving in and out of the parking lot.  Students will be meeting their first period teachers in this area every day, so it is also more convenient for your child. Also, keep in mind our 15 m.p.h. zone on school days and that it is illegal to complete a U-turn in a school zone.

    A message from our GATE Middle School Counselor: 

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    Homework Considerations

    Please know that your child should be spending an average of about 90 minutes per day in a distraction-free environment to complete their homework.  The plan is students are to spend their homework time as follows:

    • Math: 15-30 minutes
    • ELA: 30 minutes
    • Science: 15 minutes
    • Social Studies: 15 minutes

    Please contact us if this average is not being met; either too much homework is being completed or too little homework is being completed.  Research shows that any time spent beyond 90 minutes becomes counterproductive.  We also recognize that your child needs time to enjoy their personal passions, be it sports, dance, music, or whatever it is that they wish to participate in.  Additionally, children should have plenty of free time and family time.  Here is a great article to help you create a great distraction-free homework environment for your child.  Distraction Free Homework Environment.  This article is also posted on our Social and Emotional page on our website: Swope GT Magnet Social and Emotional Learning.  

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