A Parent's Guide to Technology

  • Here are some valuable resources to help you guide your child as they navigate technology:



    A new documentary on the impact of the digital age on teenagers.  This companion website has multiple resources to guide parents helping their children navigate the digital age.

    Common Sense Media  

    A fully comprehensive guide to all kinds of available media that students might be interested in. 


    Media Smarts 

    A very interesting and fully developed website about media from Canada.


    Cyber Wise

    Support for parents who want to help youth use digital media confidently and safely.



    Information for educators, parents, young people about awareness and understanding of digital citizenship


    Families Managing Media

    A website dedicated to helping families stay connected without developing 'technology addiction.'  Lots of research about the effects of media on the teenage developing brains as it relates to technology use.


    Away for the Day

    A website dedicated to the idea that middle school students doe better without their cell phones throughout the school day.  You'll find the latest research here.