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    Student Testimonials

    "RISE Academy is a great path to take." - Miranda Gilligan

    “Adult Distance Education has allowed me to succeed and advance my educational goals in a timely manner.” - Ronald Williams III

     “RISE has been a big help.  The staff is amazing and very helpful.  I can come in and work if I need help.  My instructor is a great teacher, very helpful, funny, and super nice.  I actually look forward to coming to school now!” - Liliana S

    “I so wanted an ELL class that is close to my home, twice a week, and provides child care. RISE has it all!” - Intermediate ELL Student

    "Thanks for your help and support for our future." - Douglas A. Castillo  

    “RISE doesn’t let you give up. Prove yourself!”  - Janeet Ramirez

    “Thanks to my teachers and all the staff at RISE... this has been so much better than high school and everything you are doing for us is great.” - RISE graduate.

    “Personally I really like the way the instructor teaches, I really like the schedule, and my class days. My classmates are friendly and amongst ourselves we help one another. I am very happy with the location of the school since I live nearby and don’t need a car. I want and need to continue with school because I need to overcome and learn more English in reading and writing.” - Teresita Guerrero.

    "RISE Academy is a school where we're all in it together to see a better tomorrow." - BiriDiana Torres

    "RISE gave me a second chance to graduate." - Evan Goodman  

    “I would like to take the opportunity to thank the people who make this possible that there is an adult school.”  - ELL Student

    "RISE is an awesome opportunity for those with nowhere else to go." - Braulio Claro



    “This is my first time in the USA when I go to school to learn English. At RISE, everybody is kind and nice, and I feel welcomed.” - Martha

    "RISE is great because it gives students new opportunities to achieve!" - Jorge Cervantes Gomez