• Our High School Equivalency program prepares students to take any of the high school equivalency exams (TASC, HiSET, GED). Through formative assessments and blended learning, this program provides students with the practice and instruction needed to take and pass the HSE. 

    How to take the HiSET:
    1. Take a pre-test to determine when you would like to take the test (see the process for this below).
    2. Sign-up for an ETS ID on the HiSET website.
    3. Write down your email, password and ETS Test ID #.  (Call us at 775-337-9939 for help).
    4. Register to take the HiSET at RISE by clicking on this LINK and completing the information. 
    5. Come to 1301 Cordone Ave. Reno, NV. to pay for and schedule a testing date. The full price is $78.75 dollars. 
    6. Sleep the night before, study the preceding weeks/months and come to pass your HiSET with RISE! 

    HSE Placement Test Sign Up Process:

    We ask students who are signing up for the HSE courses to take this placement test to determine an appropriate level of course and trajectory towards passing the HSE. 
    1.) Fill out this ONLINE FORM completely. This form must be filled out a minimum of 3 days prior to the test.
    2.) Come into RISE and pay the $10 assessment fee.  If you have not enrolled at RISE you will also enroll at that time. This payment must be made in person and paid in cash. If payment cannot be made 3 days prior to the testing session call 775-337-9939 and talk to the office staff regarding your options. 
    3.) Once your results are in, you will come and meet with a counselor to select an HSE prep course or sign up to take the HiSET based on your score.
    * Payment can only be accepted by the person who will be testing.

      How can I get a copy of my High School Equivalency (GED/HiSET/HSE)?

    You can get a copy of your High School Equivalency through Diploma Sender. Please click here for the website. Although this is confusing, schools cannot keep or provide results for the equivalency test. Only the state or Diploma Sender keep those results. The GED/HiSET/TASC results will also not show up on your high school transcript since it is not a high school diploma but a high school equivalency.

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