• High School Equivalency (HSE)

    Infographic on How to Sign Up For the HiSET Exam

    Test Preparation Options

    Regularly Scheduled In Person/Virtual Classes

    RISE offers face to face/virtual classes scheduled twice a week to prepare in literacy (Social Studies, Science, Reading, Writing) and math. 

    Classes are twice a week 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM or 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

    Drop-In Classes

    RISE offers face to face/virtual classes on a drop in basis if coming twice a week does not work out for your schedule.

    Drop-in classes for math and literacy are offered 7:00-8:30 PM four days a week.

    EdReady: Online Program Details

    RISE’s online HSE (GED) preparation is called EdReady. EdReady through the NROC Project is a program designed to help students prepare for the High School Equivalency exam (HiSET) as well as for further education and careers.

    When students log in, they will see two goals: HSE Math and HSE Literacy. Each goal begins with a diagnostic test which will determine which content needs to be studied. For math, there is a choice of Beginning-Intermediate Math or Advanced Math; Literacy includes the skills needed to pass the Reading, Writing, Science, and Social Studies portions of the test. Based on the diagnostic, EdReady will recommend lessons to study - this is called the study path, which is accessed by clicking on “view study path” below the results from the diagnostic.

    We require five (5) hours of work per week on EdReady. If a student is inactive in the program for more than seven (7) days, the student’s account will be inactivated, and the student will need to contact the Online HSE coordinator to be able to continue.

    If this program is something you are interested in, please complete the required steps by clicking HERE.

    *If you are currently an EdReady student* and you are having trouble logging in or have any questions, please contact: Jeff Levine at jlevine@washoeschools.net or text/call 775-567-8869. 



    PSi HiSET Test Prep Resources Page

    Placement Testing for Minors & HiSET Prep

    We use a placement TABE test to help give the best recommendation for 16-17 year old students interested in attending RISE. It is also used as an option for those who would like to know where they place before signing up for classes or taking the HiSET exam.

    Before signing up for the test, please make sure you speak to your zoned school counselor. 

    -Click here to schedule the placement test