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About Yvonne Shaw

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    Born: Yvonne Marchbanks in Castleford, Idaho, April 7, 1937

    Hometown: Carlin, Nev.

    Education: Graduated from Carlin High School, studied math, Spanish, and education at Brigham Young University, and earned a master’s degree from the University of Nevada at Reno in Math Education. Children: Dale Grimes and Stephanie Neill

    Married to: Jim Shaw in 1970
    Teaching: Sparks Junior High, Hug High, Reed High, and Washoe High

    Service: Nevada Board of Education, Northern Nevada Math Council, Sierra
    Schools Credit Union, Truckee Meadows Tomorrow, Sparks Charter Committee, Economic and Development Authority of Western Nevada, Girl Scouts of America

    Passed Away: on Nov 24, 1999, after a two-year battle with breast cancer, at the age of 62

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