• To find Practice Assignments, click the blue link corresponding to the current date listed below these instructions. Absent students/distance learners will find make-up & distance work here. 

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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

  • Grading & submission instructions:                                   

    A new assignment will be given at the start of every week and is due at the start of the following week. Every practice session, students cross off the number of completed goals in their practice log, making sure to complete one day (column) before moving on to the next day. Practice the assigned number of boxes(goals) to earn 100% and anything above that is counted for extra credit. The number of boxes completed is graded as a percent of the required amount for that week (ex: 20 boxes complete out of 24 would be 20/24= .833 = 83%). It should take 10-25 minutes to complete one column of practice (one day). Once completed for the week, practice time will be submitted electronically by visiting this ‘Practice Logs’ section of the band website.

    Late work- students have one week to submit practice for late credit. After one week, late work will NOT be accepted. Students that have been absent/excluded will have the number of days absent plus one to make-up their practice logs. It is recommended to turn in a printed log for absent work make-up rather than electronic copy.