• Local Music Stores & Rental Info/Pricing

    -At the bottom of this page is an explanation of how to go about renting/purchasing an instrument. Email Mr. Myers with any questions.

    -The vendors listed below all have instrument rental programs. Please check out their rates and consider getting your instrument and supplies from them.

    • Absolute Music
      8175 S. Virginia (in Scholari's Shopping center by In & Out)
      -Visit their website for rental info

      Blue Note B's Horn Shop
      1525 Oddie Blvd (Sparks)

      -Visit their website for more contact info  

      Guitar Center (Music & Arts affiliate)
      6663 S. Virginia St.
      -Website (might have to call in for info about band rentals)

      Music & Arts
      Online rental (delivers to home or school)
      -Rental website

      Music Fuze (Music & Arts affiliate)
      4690 Longley Lane, Suite 21
      -Visit their website for rental info

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      Band Instrument Rental/Purchase Procedures

      Rental/Purchase Options:

      • Rent-to-own from a local music store (or online). Approximate Prices: $30-45/month for flute, clarinet, trumpet, and trombone.  Saxes and larger instruments are around $50-80/month. (Some pricing can be found on the band website)
      • Purchase from a local music store or online music store (do not recommend this option for beginners). If you are going to purchase, Mr. Myers is happy to give input about instrument quality and price. Please no "AMAZON" instruments...Remember- you get what you pay for!
      • Rent instrument from the school for $50 for the school year (Limited inventory- reserved first for those on the Free & Reduced Lunch list per district policy.). There will not be any school alto saxes available for 6th Grade Students. 


      Rental Procedures:

      • From Music Stores: Families review prices from different stores (some store rental rates and info can be found on the Billinghurst Band webpage, info below) and then go in to rent/buy.
      • For School instruments: Parents who are in need of a school instrument submit a School Rental Application (Part of the Band Information Form) by Friday, August 18th. The list of those in need is then given to our Principal to check Free & Reduced Lunch eligibility.  If the student qualifies and an instrument is available, Mr. Myers will then send home a rental contract.  Students will not receive school instruments unless Mr. Myers has received the contract and payment.  Qualifying students still pay the $50 rental fee. (DIFFERENT from Class Fee)
        • If you don’t need a school instrument, but would like to use one if Mr. Myers has any leftover after those in need have checked theirs out, please complete the School Rental Application as well.