• Transportation Fee for Athletes

    All 7th and 8th grade WCSD Middle School students participating in a sport will be required to pay a one time transportation fee of $10 per athlete, per year, regardless of the number of sports the student participates in that year. Students should pay this fee to the office bookkeeper upon participating in their first sport of the school year. 
     Order PE Uniforms from KATE'S LOGOS UNFORMS               PE  Make-Up Form                  Athletic Packet_All Sports 

    also see the Depoali Calendar for dates & times (or cancellations)
    *all practices are closed - no spectators allowed
    *6th Grade students can participate in Cross Country and Wrestling practices at Depoali, but cannot compete or travel to off-site meets.   
    GIRLS' BASKETBALL    (7th & 8th grade)    
    7th grade Coaches: Wendling (Moose) & Dorn 
    8th grade Coaches: Hartley  Gabica 
    *Thursday, October 28th - ALL TEAMS WILL BE AT PINE MS  
    no practice on early release Wednesdays

    BOY'S SOCCER     (7th & 8th grade)
    Coaches: Blood & Cheek  
    Practices: 2:15-3:30 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday  PRACTICE CANCELLED FRIDAY, 10/22 DUE TO WEATHER 
    no practice on early release Wednesdays
    *Closed practices - no spectators allowed
    athletes who make the team should pay the $10 transportation fee to the office 
    Game Schedule:   Tuesday, 9/28       Depoali @ Sparks MS 
                                  Thursday, 9/30     Depoali @ Herz 
                                  Tuesday, 10/12     Depoali @ Mendive 
                                  Thursday, 10/14   Depoali @ Sky Ranch 
                                  Tuesday, 10/26     Sage Ridge @ Depoali 
                                  Thursday, 10/28   Pine @ Depoali                 

    BOYS' BASKETBALL    (7th & 8th grade)       
    Coaches:  7th Wendling (Moose) & Cheek 
    Coaches:  8th Hartley & Gradillas 
    Tryouts begin: Monday, November 1, 2021 (see Nov schedule)
    Practice: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday  
                   no practice on early release Wednesdays 
    *Closed practices - no spectators allowed
    Athletes who make the team should pay the $10 transportation fee to the office if they have not previously 
    paid it for another sport. 
    1st games start at 1:45 
    See November & December calendars for dates and times of tryouts, practices and games 

    GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL   (7th/8th grades)     Tryouts begin:Monday, January 3, 2022  
    Coaches:  7th Grace and 
                    8th Gradillas and Dorn 
    See schedule for dates and times 

    GIRS' SOCCER    (7th & 8th grades) 
    Coaches: Blood & Cheek 
    Approximate date:  Beginning of March 2022 
    (check back as March gets closer)  

    WRESTLING      Practice begins; Monday, February 14, 2022                                  
    Coaches: Cunningham and Wendling (Moose) 
    Meets begin at 2:45 
    See schedule for dates  

    TRACK & FIELD     (7/8th grades)    Practice begins: Thursday, April 7, 2022  
    Coaches: Gabica 
    2:30 pm - Coaches Meeting 
    2:45 pm - Field events begin
    3:00 pm - Running events begin  
    See schedule for dates 

    CROSS COUNTRY      Season has ended