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    If you need to talk, your counselors are here for you! Email is the best way to contact us. You can also leave a message at the Depoali main office by calling 775-852-6700.  (be sure to leave your name)

    The mission of the Kendyl Depoali Middle School Counseling Program is to provide a comprehensive guidance program to ensure that all students will have the skills and resources necessary to successfully pursue life-long learning, personal well-being, meaningful relationships, and a self-chosen career path.  

    COUNSELORS FOR 2023-2024 
    6th Grade        Jeremy Gabbard       (775) 327- 3854
    7th Grade        Kevin Rutherford       (775) 327-3855 
    8th Grade        Jessica Reese           (775) 327-3856

    Safe Talk For Teens is a Nonprofit Early Intervention and Prevention Resource Center. We offer teens and parents a safe place to talk while maintaining confidentiality. Our services are FREE and our objective is to redirect, assist, guide, refer, and motivate teenagers to make better decisions by focusing on their values and setting goals.  

    FOR MORE INFORMATION, ASK YOUR SCHOOL COUNSELOR ABOUT US AND/OR CALL 775-823-2700 TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT with Joe Dufur, Director/Case Manager.  Joe is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish.    
    Office Hours: M-F: 8-5  
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