• Mr. Gibbons’s Science Class


    Hello and welcome!

    I would like to introduce everyone to my class. I am glad that we will all get to be together this year, and return to being somewhat normal. This year we will be covering heredity, biological evolution, motion and stability, energy, waves and their application to technology, space, and Earth’s systems.

    I wanted to briefly touch on some rules and expectations- more will be covered during class.

    1. Be prepared! Bring supplies every day and be ready to learn.

    2. Be on time to class.

    3. Be respectful towards your teachers and fellow classmates.

    4. You are old enough to know proper etiquette and how to act and treat others!


    Grades will be based on points earned. Points will be assigned to labs, classwork, and tests/quizzes.

    Your work at school and at home is important. Some work may be quite easy, but some may challenge and confuse you. My expectation is that you try your best, which is the biggest thing I can ask from you.

    Students demonstrating inappropriate/unsafe behavior during labs will be removed from the classroom, and receive a 0 for that assignment.

    Work which is submitted outside the time I have set aside for grading (late work or resubmitted assignments) will be graded when I the opportunity. Late work will be evaluated on a MAXIMUM of 70% of the original value.

    A notebook will be assigned to you in the first few days of school. Make sure you have plenty of loose-leaf paper and a folder for Science.

    The grading breakdown is as follows:

    Assessments- 30%

    All other work- 70%


    I’m excited for the year and I’m happy to be here at Mendive! If you have any questions, you can email me at joshua.gibbons@washoeschools.net or call the school phone at 353-5990.

    -Mr. Gibbons