• Greetings,

    We have made some changes to make it easier for ALL students to turn in work (regardless if it is missing or not), and for ALL students to turn in work from home if they are ABSENT or EXCLUDED.


    Each week, you can go under Class Materials/Files/Turner Agenda, and you can find the homework assignments for GoMath.  For any current missing assignments (1.2 and 2.1), students have the option to do those modules in GoMath, and they  can do those for FULL credit.  Currently, if your student is not missing 1.2 and 2.1, it was not assigned to them, and they don’t need to do it.

    1. In order to get full credit for ANY GoMath assignment, you need to get at least a 60% on anything assigned.  You can redo it as many times as you need to in order to get a 60%.  If you  get A 60% or above, you will get FULL CREDIT for the homework.  Anything less than  that will result in a “MISSING” until you pass it.


    If you are IN CLASS, you need to do Mr. Goodness’ Notes and you will get credit for them.  You also need to do any and all quizzes, tests, and homework assigned for that day (again, homework is in “Turner Agenda”.

    If you do not get full credit for doing Mr. Goodness’ notes in class, you can do  the Notes that are assigned in MS Teams at home for partial credit.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO GOODNESS’ NOTES IN MS TEAMS IF YOU RECEIVED CREDIT FROM THE SUB DURING CLASS TIME.


    If you are ABSENT/EXCLUDED you need to do two things: 

    1.  Goodness’ Notes:

      1. They will be assigned as an “Assignment” in MS Teams.  You do not need to email anyone when these assignments are completed, they will be graded at the end of each week.

    2. GoMath homework:

      1. See “Turner Agenda” for the week.

    3. All missed quizzes/tests need to be done in class, and students will be given the opportunity to do so when they return.

      1. Please see Mr Goodness for information when you return.


    Need help getting into GoMath from home?  Here are the instructions:

    1. Go to www.washoeschools.net

    2. Click on "Students and Parents"

    3. Click on "HRW - GoMath"

    4. Click "Sign In"

    5. Sign in to Federation page using ;Username: washoe/student ID (or studentID@washoeschools.net from home)

    6. Password: ________ (only students know)


    If you want to redo a quiz:

    1. You will ONLY be given the opportunity to do so if ALL your homework/Goodness’ notes from that Module are completed FIRST.  Please complete homework/Goodness’ notes first, then see Mr Goodness about retaking the quiz.