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Mrs. Heath

Hello everyone!

My name is Mrs. Heath and I look forward to working with you all this year. Here is the class outline, this outline explains the policies and procedures for our class.

Welcome To My Class!



Dear Student,​

Welcome to 7th Grade ELA! Throughout your 7th grade year, we will focus on developing writing techniques and tricks that will help you develop your own writing voice for us to expand on in 8th grade. We will spend a significant amount of time reading and understanding the author's perception and purpose. We will read novels together and discuss various points of view as well as read on your own fiction and nonfiction and reflecting on that reading.

Reoccurring Assignments


·        Daily Reading

·        Daily Writing

·        Unit Projects

·        Mastery Assignments

·        Effort and participation are required

·        Work is to be turned in on time

·        Be prepared for class

·        Daily points will be taken away for disruptive behaviors


Cell Phones

If a student is absent, it is their responsibility to check the team website or agenda board for work they have missed. An absent bin will have copies of missed work and student can always ask me for directions on missed work.

There will be times when students will have permission to use their cell phones and earbuds for curriculum purposes. Students should not have their cell phones out at any other time in class. Violations will result in phone taken for the day or if a repeated problem, phone will be taken to office for parents to pick up.


Odds and Ends

A: 90%-100%

B: 80%-89%

C: 70%-79%

D: 60%-69%

F: 59% and below

Grade Breakdown:

Your class/digital work will be worth 70% and your assessments will be worth 30% Of your overall grade. Your in class assignments and your digital assignments are balanced and therefore euqally as important.

Odds and Ends

·       There will be NO eating in the classroom, yes this includes gum, however you may have a water bottle.

·       Non-disposable masks are to be washed regularly, and NEVER shared.



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