Ms. Wiggan's Science Class

Classwork, Homework, and Assessments

  • Welcome to Matterhorn science class. This year we are going to be working in a blended learning class formate where assignments are both digital and in their paper science notebook.

    Classtime will be utilized to complete assignments from the Squads Agenda. Some of the types of assignments your student will be expected to complete include: group or class discussions, labs, notes, individual practice, and content-specific reading assignments. These assignments allow students to check concepts and understanding with me as they are learning.

    Students will also be given small concept checks to allow them to show me what they know. These checks for understanding go in as their classwork grades and are graded for effort. Students will also be given quizzes and test about every 2-3 weeks to provide you with an update for their academic understanding of science content and skills, these are their assessment grades.

    All assessments are not marked down for being late and are fixable. Students can complete the offered corrections or retake to improve their grades as long as all missing work is turned in and they have met with me to insure they have improved their understanding.