Mrs. Moffat - Social Studies

Mrs. Moffat
  • My name is Mrs. Moffat. I have a husband who teaches the same subject here at Sky Ranch Middle School. Together we have four kids, a 10-year old son named Domenico, a 7 year old son named Luca, a girl who is 4 years old named Chiara and finally, another girl who is 18 months old named Eleonora. Domenico is named after the first relative in my family to come to America; he emigrated from Italy in the 1860’s. Luca (spelled Lucca in Italy) is the name of a city in Italy. Chiara is just a popular name right now in Italy that we loved, and Eleonora is named after my cousin who lives in Cordivara, Italy. We also have one dog, Bailey, who is a total mutt!

     I was born and raised in Sparks, Nevada (5th generation Nevadan). I went to K-2 at Robert Mitchell, 3-5 grade at Alyce Taylor, 6th grade at Marvin Moss, Sparks Middle for 7th grade, Mendive for 8th and Reed High School. After high school, I went the University of Reno Nevada- my husband graduated from UNR’s rival, UNLV.

     From the time I was old enough to go to school I knew I wanted to be a teacher. It wasn’t until high school that history became the subject I was most passionate about. I am starting my 15th year of teaching history. I started teaching at Mendive, spent 6 years teaching at Shaw Middle School, four years ago I taught at Spanish Springs High School; however, I have found that I love middle school students and went back to where I started, Mendive for three years. Finally, I decided that I wanted to open a school built on 21st Century Skills and came to Sky Ranch Middle School.

     I would describe myself as: fun, passionate, hard-working, disciplined, and energetic. I absolutely LOVE sports! I played volleyball, basketball and softball when I was younger. Softball was my serious sport, winning state in high school and volleyball my love. Starting in college I fell in love with running and have been going strong for 23 years. My husband is the same, we both really love baseball and basketball, however, his passion and love is basketball. Our goal one day is to see all the baseball stadiums in the country.