Degrees and Certifications:


"Mistakes Allow Thinking to Happen"

Welcome! I'm Mrs. Tossava (pronounced "toss-a-va") and I am incredibly excited to lead math education with the staff, students and families of Sky Ranch as an Algebra I, Math 7-8 and Math 8 teacher! I was born with a love for mathematics, inspiring others, and learning, so being a math teacher fills my heart everyday. I have taught middle school math for 5 years but I've served students in WCSD for over 15 years. I graduated from Washoe High School in 1999 and obtained 4 degrees/certificates from TMCC before I earned my Bachelor's in Elementary Education from University of Phoenix in 2014. I graduate with my Masters in Mathematics Teaching in the summer of 2020 from Mt. Holyoke College in Massechutes - a program directed by one of our nation's most admired math educators - Mike Flynn. I'm amazed by what I continue to learn from this program and the many local and national math conferences I attend. I can't wait to share what I've learned because together, we will be a part of the new revolution in mathematics education, so that our future leaders will be valuable in a 21st Century world.