Mr. McCarthy - English

  • The Teacher Behind the Letter

    I am Mr. M. I am very excited to be your son/daughter's English Langauge Arts Teacher. I grew up in the local area attending Mendive when the school first opened and graduated from Reed. Before receiving my bachelors degree from UNR in Secondary ELA Education, I enlisted in the U.S. Army as a Public Affairs Specialist in 2006, and I commissioned as a Lieutenant in 2011 into the field of Military Police.  I also graduated from Liberty University with my Masters in Education, focus in Educational Leadership. 

    According to my wife, I have never really grown up. Working in a cubicle, behind a computer drove me insane, so becoming a teacher was a no brainer. I get paid to act like a kid! All joking aside, I love what I do, and I am proud to be a part of the local community that supported me in my education.

    I am energetic and often sarcastic, so you can expect a lot of laughs and fun! I like to operate my classroom differently... we will approach the subject in new ways.

    P.S.  This is my emoji ---> :o{)}

  • A Glimpse into the Class

    I believe that in order to be successful in any field, students must understand the importance of the Language Arts in all of its forms. Students looking to move into Math or Science based fields can benefit from learning how to develop strongly articulated writing and presentation skills. Look at your favorite actor, singer, or athlete. Often they are performing in front of a large crowd or answering questions to a room full of reporters. They are using skills learned in the Language Arts to make them, hopefully, better speakers. They learn to articulate from their English class! It's really amazing to see just how far the this subject truly reaches.

    Together, we will explore Language Arts in a multitude of mediums, and how they relate to the target audience with an intended message. Don't be alarmed if your child is asked to come home with some unusual assignments that incorporate radio, television, comics, commercials, movies, and more. There is an art to all these mediums, and we will discuss how each impact your life. If you are unsure of the validity in what your child says he or she must be doing, they probably made it up, but please don't hesitate to reach out!

    The language arts is more than just reading and writing, so be prepared to experience the subject in new and interesting ways. We will of course read and write, but we will also hold in-depth conversations, cartoon presentations, impact the community, and much more. Remember, it is not just an English class...

    Welcome to the Art of Language!