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    Welcome to the Depoali Middle School Choir & Piano!

    Welcome to the Depoali Middle School Choral Music & Piano Program.  You are now a very important member of a team that will work towards musical mastery.  I sincerely hope your membership in the music class will increase your love for learning music, singing, playing, and contributing to positive traditions.

    Being a musician provides a student with opportunities to grow musically, intellectually, and socially.  Similarly, the musical foundation built in music classes provides a training ground for successful life patterns. Here’s an overview of what each musician will experience this year:

    Musically and Intellectually: 

    • Sight reading: Reading, Writing, and Performing
    • Rhythm reading: Reading, Writing, and Performing
    • Vocal Technique: Breathing, Sound Production, Ensemble sound, Diction, Pitch Music Reading: Music Symbols, Note and Score Reading
    • Performance: Interpretation, Improvisation, Analyzing, Solo/Ensemble, Blend 

    Socially: Success Skills 

    • Team work
    • Focus
    • Empathy
    • Self esteem 
    • Confidence 
    • Attention to detail 
    • Responsibility 
    • Multi-tasking 
    • Leadership 
    • Goal setting 
    • Independence 
    • Collaboration
    • Time management 
    • Problem solving 
    • Active listening 
    • Coachability 
    • Decorum & etiquette

    “In life we learn that we as individuals are but a small part of a great whole… a fellowship, a family.  As an individual we cannot grow or even survive without others. With this in mind we realize that no personal sacrifice is too great for the preservation of the group.  We learn that the clamor of desires and ambitions within us must be silenced whenever they could damage the group.  We find that we must consider the needs of others and not ourselves. It is obvious that the group must survive or we as individuals will not.”

    I am looking forward to working with each and every one of you.  Your talent and hard work can make this year at Depoali exciting, fun-filled, and musically rewarding for all of us.


    Mr. Darrell Crowther


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