Thanks, Scouts!

Posted by Kathleen Marshall on 11/13/2017

scouts garden bed garden path A HUGE thank you to Brady Collins and Scout Troop 15, as well as some of his non-scout friends! They put in this lovely stone path, prepared one of the garden beds and did a ton of general clean up in the garden. The garden is definitely looking better! We have a laundry list of projects we'll be needing help within the months and years to come and are grateful for everyone who's volunteered to help. Some of our upcoming projects include:

Build a greenhouse. 

Repair seating/beds on the Smithridge side of the garden.

Plant  3-4 fruit trees in the existing patio area, with retaining wall seating around them.

Repair/upgrade compost bins.

Repair/upgrade birdhouses.

Add birdbaths/ feeders.

Clean out the shed.

Replace top of the overhang on the structure adjoining the shed. 


Feel free to contact Mrs. Marshall ( if you or your group would like to take on any of these projects. 

The Garden Advisory Group is deciding what we want to plant and how much. We have purchased a new irrigation system and are looking into soil additions. Our next big garden workday will be in February. Dates TBD and will be weather-dependent!