• Sparks Middle School P.E. MAKE-UP 


    • Attendance is required for every PE class.
    • If you have an absence in P.E. (Varified Absence or Unvarified Absence) you will have 2 weeks to make up your absence from the day of the absence (or the number days absent plus one).
    • You can make-up your missed PE class by performing some physical activity for at least 40 minutes.
    • When this make-up activity is completed bring in the "Make-Up Form" filled out and signed. A "Make-Up Form" can be obtained in class or you may download the form here or Below.
    • Turning in this PE "Make-Up Form" will allow your missed class/Varified Absence to become an Excused Absence (TEP) and will count for credit.


    Organized Sports Activities

    A coach can sign off on your form, including any sport/activity outside the school hours. 

    Examples include but not limited to: FOOTBALL-BASKETBALL-CHEER LEADING-SOCCER-BASEBALL-SOFTBALL-TAI KWONDO-KARATE-LACROSSE-Yoga etc. (You can use your practice-game time for Sparks Middle School sports too!)

    Home Physical Activities

    A parent/gaurdian can sign off for activities such as WALKS – RUNS – CYCLING – and active family activities. Receipts should be included for family activities such as: BOWLING-SKIING-ROLLER KINGDOM-MINITURE GOLFING etc.

    Attending Sparks Athletic Events

    You can also have an Administrator (Principal or Vice Principal) sign your "Make-Up Form" for attending and watching a Sparks Middle School Athletic Event.


    If you are still struggling to find a way to make up a day – please talk to your PE teacher for other ideas.


    Click Below for Make-Up Form Download

    Make-Up Form Link