• Let’s Get Fit With HIIT!!! 

    Many of you have heard of the new fitness craze over the last few years. But? What does it stand for? HIIT is an acronym for High Intensity Interval Training. And how is it pronounced? It is pronounced like the word hit! So, why is it so interesting for others to take part in?

    The interest comes in on several accounts. Anyone can do it. Meaning that anyone can start and participate in this form of physical exercise and build onto their own abilities!!! There are many reasons why this is such a great form of exercise which include burning more calories while one is working out, burns more fat in less time, keeps burning calories after one stops working out, it strengthens major muscles, and it is fun! You can compete against yourself based off of previous goals or you can compete against another individual. Then again you may just want to enjoy the moment and go with the flow!

    This is a wonderful way to get in shape, increase your physical strength, and/or continue your strength training. This is a perfect avenue for any student wanting to participate in Physical Education and/or increase their aptitude for the sport he/she is participating in. Remember, you can only get better at something/anything if you try. So…Get ready to join the fun and get fit!