• Sparks Middle School Physical Education Program

    Welcome to the Sparks Middle School Physical Education Program!

    Our goal, during class time, is to create a safe environment for you to learn. You will learn a variety of ways to be physically active. Learning will have an emphasis on how to incorporate a healthy lifestyle. This syllabus is an outline on how you can be successful in this Physical Education class.


    Physical Education Program Expectations:

                Here at Sparks Middle School our Physical Education expectations are high! These include participation, behavior, attendance, and locker room procedures. To keep our classes orderly and your hygiene healthy, a Sparks Middle School Physical Education uniform will be mandated. Remember, how you act in class will be monitored along with being recorded as your citizenship grade. Attending class is crucial for you to learn. We expect you to follow the locker room procedures as well. These guidelines are in place for you to be successful in your Physical Education class.


    Locker room procedures:

    All students will receive their own locker with a combination– do not share combinations with anyone. You are responsible for everything in your locker. The school is not responsible for stolen items. Lock everything up! If it doesn’t fit in your locker, you will be allowed to place it in the P.E. teacher’s locked office. Take pride in keeping your locker room area free of litter and trash.

    ************ These are Not Allowed in the Locker Room Area!************

    Glass containers

    Aerosol cans: hair spray, deodorant sprays, body spray (axe), etc.

    Running around

    Loud noises- screaming, banging on lockers etc.

    Horseplay or rough play

    Food or drink, except for water

    No dressing in the shower area


    Prior to the start of P.E. activities students are to remain in the locker room until called out for roll call. No returning to locker room during activities without teacher permission. At the end of the PE period, students are to sit by their locker, making sure their row is clean, lockers are locked and wait for dismissal from the PE teacher.  You will be allowed to leave the locker room only after the P.E. teacher dismisses the class. If you leave early, your grade can/will be affected, and discipline actions can/will be enforced. Phones must be turned off and locked up in your locker- or they will be confiscated and given to Administration


    Sportsmanship (citizenship) = 50% of your Grade:

    “Bear Power Behavior” will be expected during your bell to bell experience in Physical Education Class!!!            

                If for any reason, you are not exhibiting “Bear Power Behavior,” there will be appropriate consequences given. Your sportsmanship will be graded on how you conduct yourself in class, how you to take care of/handle equipment, and following the procedures outlined in this syllabus/lesson of the day. We look forward to helping you become a better version of yourself. We are always open to any questions or comments. “Together We Are Better!”


    Participation = 50% of your Grade:

    Participation (Effort)

    Physical Education is a participation class.  All students are expected to participate in the days’ activity. All students will need to dress out in their Sparks Middle School Physical Education Uniform for class.  Your grade is based on your effort during the activity not your athletic ability. Performance grading is individually based and adjusted to each student.


    Washoe County School District implemented a new attendance protocol statewide starting the school year 2018-2019. At Sparks Middle School, we will be following these same requirements for our Physical Education class.

    Attendance is required for every PE class. If you miss a class (Verified or Unverified) you will need to make up your missing class. You can make up your missed PE class by performing some Physical activity for at least 40 minutes (Please refer to the Sparks Middle School PE Make-Up Form).  You have 1 week (or the number days absent plus one) to make up your missed Physical Education experience/lesson. Bring in the form that will be provided for you filled out and signed by parent/guardian. Turning in this PE Make-Up Form will allow your absence (missed class) count for credit (improving your grade). Also, with a Verified Absence the completed Make-Up form will allow your P.E. teacher to change your Verified Absence to an Excused Absence (TEP). If you were still struggling to find a way to make up a day – please talk to your PE teacher for other ideas. Make-up Forms can be found by both the boy’s and/or girl’s locker room area. Please, refer to your “Student Handbook” for more clarification on the statewide attendance policy. This new attendance policy can and will affect your grade in this class.

    Tardies/Assigned Seating

                Students will be assigned a spot/number on the Gym floor for the beginning of class. If a student comes in late, and is not sitting at their assigned spot/number when the bell rings they will be marked as tardy. Tardies will affect your “Participation” grade by being late, not dressing out due to time being missed, and/or missed class time instruction. You will need to meet with your Teacher to see if you need to complete a make-up Form/assignment for each individual case of an unexcused missed instruction/tardy.


    Physical Education Uniform

                    Sparks Middle P.E. uniforms are sold through the PE department.  Our uniforms cost is $12.00. Dressing out for PE is a part of your grade.  For safety, hygiene, and freedom of movement, the following clothing is required for all Sparks Middle P.E. students. In addition, laced athletic shoes are also a must that will be properly tied. Any other footwear will result in a “non-dress”.  The Sparks Middle School athletic uniform consist of the following: Green SMS athletic shorts ($7.00), grey SMS athletic shirt ($5.00), and Tennis shoes. Sparks Middle School sweatshirts and sweatpants will be allowed during cooler months as well as plain black or grey sweats. Every student is expected to dress out for PE. If for some reason you are unable to wear your PE uniform, you must bring a written note from your parents/guardians explaining the circumstances. You can make-up your Non-Dress grade by completing a Make-Up Form for a Non-Dress (Only 4 Non-Dress Make-Up Forms are allowed per Quarter). You will only have a week from the day of the Non-Dress to turn in your Non-Dress Make-Up Form for an increased grade. Physical Education uniforms are not to be worn underneath school uniforms before/after attending P.E. class. Students are asked to take Physical Education uniforms to be washed once a week (preferably taken home on Friday and brought back Monday).