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    Project ReCharge (PRC) is a hands-on inquiry and project based STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) curriculum and training program that engages students, teachers and facility staff. Students become energy detectives focused on saving their school money through energy efficiency recommendations. This unique program transforms the way school energy savings are achieved and how we engage our students.


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  • Attending school every day is important for academic success! A new Nevada law requires all school districts to work with families to make sure students aren’t missing too much school (chronic absenteeism). In WCSD, “chronic absenteeism” means missing 10% of school
    days—that’s 17 days per year or about two days per month.

    WCSD wants to help your student succeed, and is offering an option for students to make up any school work they’ve missed due to absences. It’s important to note that ALL absences—whether for medical appointments,
    illness, family business, extended vacations, etc.—count as “unexcused” until any missed school work is made up.

    Your students and their teachers should work together to determine when makeup work is assigned and due. Please check your child’s Infinite Campus profile often to keep track of any absences and makeup work. If you are experiencing challenges in sending your child to school every day, please call your child’s school. We want to work with you to support your child’s academic success.

    For more information on the new attendance/absence policies, visit https://www.washoeschools.net/Page/11772


    ¡Asistir a la escuela todos los días es importante para el éxito académico!

    Una nueva ley en Nevada requiere que todos los distritos escolares trabajen junto con sus familias para asegurarse que los estudiantes no estén faltando demasiado a la escuela (considerado como ausencia crónica). En WCSD, “ausencia crónica” es cuando los estudiantes faltan el 10% de días de clases- lo que significa 17 días por año o alrededor de dos días por mes.

    El WCSD quiere ayudar a su estudiante a tener éxito, y ofrece la opción a los estudiantes de recuperar el trabajo perdido debido a las faltas.  Es importante señalar que TODAS las ausencias– ya sea por citas médicas, enfermedad, asuntos familiares, vacaciones, etc. –cuentan como “ausencia injustificada” hasta que se realice el trabajo de recuperación.

    Su estudiante y su maestro deben trabajar juntos para determinar cuál es el trabajo de recuperación y cuando se debe entregar.  Por favor visite el Portal de Padres de Infinite Campus con frecuencia para mantenerse al tanto de las faltas y trabajo de recuperación.

    Si usted tiene dificultades enviando o llevando a sus hijos a la escuela todos los días, por favor comuníquese con la escuela de sus hijos. Queremos trabajar con ustedes para apoyarlos en sus metas.

    Para mas información sobre esta nueva regla de asistencia visite: https://www.washoeschools.net/Page/11772

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  • Access your child's grades anytime by downlaoding the Infinte Campus (IC) app on your mobile device.  From time to time, Dilworth STEM Academy teams will hold competitions on home access!  Help your students team earn points by downloading the IC app on your mobile device and receiving FREE text messages as your students grades change.

    How do get it on my mobile device?

    • Go to your device's app download:  Google Play, Amazon, or App store and download the Infinite Campus app.

    • You will need your user name/password.  (Please call the school to get this if you do not know it.)

    • Once it’s downloaded, you will have instant access to teacher gradebooks.  If you have more than one child enrolled in the WCSD, you will be able to monitor all of them at one time with one app.

    The Dilworth staff is here to help you download and get the app on your phone if you are having trouble.  Please don’t hesitate to come to the school or call us so we can walk you through the process.

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