Practice Logs / Extra Credit

  • Practice logs for the 20-21 school year will not start up until the 3rd-4th week of school. Students will be notified in class and it will be listed on the Band Learning Calendar as well. 


    Extra Credit Concerts <---- NOT IN EFFECT DURING THE 20-21 SCHOOL YEAR

    Students are encouraged to see musical performances outside of what they experience at Depoali. This helps you grow as a musician. If a student attends an approved concert, to receive extra credit they must turn in the concert program with a one-paragraph review of the event (in full sentences). This assignment is worth 50 points per concert. If you would like to attend a concert that is not listed below, please contact Mr. B for approval. See concert list below and ask Mr. B to see about approval for a concert not listed.


    Concert List:

    -Anything from the UNR Music Department is ok.

    • Click here to see the UNR Music Calendar.
    • They put on many excellent concerts that are free with student ID or very inexpensive.