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    If you are struggling with an issue and don’t know where to go, finding an administrator is probably the best thing. Administrators can be found roaming the halls during passing periods, in the office, in Husky House, or in their offices in O hall. They are there to help students, so don’t be nervous approaching them.



    Mrs.Rooker is our athletic secretary, located in the vice principal's office. She deals with all things athletics. Come see her if you need help with Register My Athlete or just want advice. Links and more resources can be found on the athletics page of the school website. Attached below is the link to the athletics website where you will find all the links you may need. Remember you need a physical every other year!




    The counselors are located in O hall near Caf hall. You can talk to your counselors about your course list, class changes and any other issues regarding classes and grades. You can also see your counselor about issues happening in school and they can connect you to our on-campus mental health professionals.

    You are assigned to a counselor based on your last name. Every student who is a part of the Red House will have Sue Rodriguez as their counselor, regardless of their last name.


    Our counselors are as follows:

    Mrs. Rodriguez (Red House Project (RHP) P and T)

    Mrs. Shoolroy (G,H,O,Q,V,W,X and Y)

    Mrs. Lewis (J,L,R and S)

    Mr. Albrecht (C,F,I,M and U)

    Mrs. Brown (A,B,D,E,K,N and Z)



    The bookkeeping office is located in the library hallway, close to the dome. The office is run by Ms. Carney. Mrs. Carney collects the money for dance tickets, athletic fees, class fees, testing fees, late fees (at times), club registration fees, Spirit Packs. Essentially, Ms. Carney acts as a nexus for all the money at Reno High. Currently, the office accepts cash, checks, and cards for payment (no Apple Pay). Her office also handles parking passes.

    Fees for the next school are going to start being collected May 1, 2024. Fee sheets are usually mailed home during Spring break, so keep your eyes open.


    College and Career Center:

    Mrs. Tasha Palzkill, the College and Career Facilitator, works with all of our students to formate college and/or career plans. The Cube (College and Career Center) is located in the library hallway, next to the bookkeeper's office. Mrs. Tasha can help with all aspects of the college admissions process (admissions, FAFSA / financial aid, housing, scholarships, letter of recommendations, ACT/SAT). She can also help students who are interested in military options (including ASVAB testing) as well as trade options.


    Food Pantry: 

    Mrs. Judy Ferrer, the Reno High School Family Graduation Advocate, manages the school food pantry and has an office located in Library hall. Within the food pantry, individuals are able to find canned vegetables, fruits, and ready-to-eat soups. Non-perishable food commodities such as cereal, pasta, rice, etc. The pantry is sponsored by the Food Bank of Northern Nevada. Reno High School is a food pantry site not only for students and families, but also for the larger Reno community.

    Mrs. Ferrer also offers the basic school supplies for the entire student body in need, including paper, simple calculators, binders, notebooks, flash cards, mechanical pencils, and highlighters. As a family graduation advocate, Mrs. Judy acts as a nexus for students to access community resources such as out-of-school mental health support, alternative education programs, tutoring services, and community resources covering medical and food insecurity issues.  



    Grades can be accessed on Infinite Campus either on the phone app or the Infinite Campus website (Infinite Campus Student Login). Students who have issues with accessing grades or who need to reset their passwords should contact Mrs. Baxter in the Huskie House.


    Huskie House:

    The Huskie House is another student resource. Students can go to the Huskie House for technological issues and resources, such as checking out laptops, resetting passwords, and troubleshooting laptops. The Huskie House is also where RHS takes care of discipline issues. They speak to students about attendance and grades and help them find the support they need to be successful. It’s a safe spot for students and is open during lunch. Students should go to the Huskie House to report any incidents. It is a good place to contact people when students or families don’t know where else to go. Contact Taylor Ernst, Dean of Students, or Amy Hinge, Assistant Principal.



    The library is located to the left of the office, down the hallway at the end. To get into the library you need a pass or an off-campus sticker on your student ID. You will also need to fill out the entry form on the ipads on the desk or using the QR code on the door.

    In the library there are thousands of titles to choose from, which can be overwhelming. If you are looking for a specific book you can go see Ms. Stone or Ms. Kris, and they will help you. You can also use the Destiny Discover QR codes posted throughout the library to find specific books. Once you have found your book, to check it out, go to Ms Stone, Ms Kris or any of the student aids behind the desk. They will check you out using your student ID number, and the loan will last 3 weeks. If you have not finished your book in the time allotted, you can renew your book and have an additional 3 weeks to finish it. Once the loan lapses, you will be fined 10 cents a day until you turn the book to renew or return.



    If you start to feel ill, nauseous, faint, or overall not well in class be sure to raise your hand and let your teacher know so they can give you a slip to the nurse's office. Don't be afraid to have someone help you walk down to the nurse. Remember to check in with your teacher first and not go during passing periods unless it is an emergency.

    The nurse's office is located in O Hall near the main staircase off Caf hall. Our nurse here at Reno is Mrs.Sathes and the clinic aide is Mrs. Hibler. Either of them will instruct you to contact your parents to update them on what's happening and to get approval for them to drive you home or let you drive home.

    The nurse’s office has sanitary products and bandaids always available to students even during passing. Our nurses are there to help so be sure to stop by if you’re ever feeling unwell.


    Mental Health:

    In School Mental Health Resources:

    At Reno High, we provide many options for in school mental health counseling. On top of our regular counselors we have additional mental health professionals who, if you ask for help, will help you navagiate your mental health during school time. Once you’ve talked to either your counselor or mental health professional, a plan will be made for you, and they will check in with you to see how you’re doing.

    Outside school Mental Health Resources:

    There are lots of mental health resources both inside and outside of our school. Resources are there to help you and come in many different forms. Resources can be anything from building a community of support, anonymous call resources, or even different support groups. Remember you don’t have to be at an absolute low to use these resources, anyone can use them anytime! Click the link to find many different resources in our community!

    Metal Health Resources


    Parking lot accident:

    If you get into an accident in the parking lot, the first thing you should do is make sure all parties involved are ok. From there, go find an administrator, the school police or go to the office and let them know the situation. They will assist you in the next steps. 

    If someone hits your car, and you weren’t present, go find an administrator, the school police or go to the office. They may be able to check the security camera footage to see what happened.


    Personal Hygiene:

    Personal Hygiene resources can be found in the Resource/Family Graduation Advocation Center. Mrs. Judy, Reno High’s Family Graduation Advocate, has a variety of personal hygiene products including soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shaving materials, and deodorant. She also has spare clothes available for students who may need a change of clothes due to an accident (slipping in the mud, stains, etc…) and has partnered with Project 150 to provide clothes to students who may be in need. Students in need of any of these personal hygiene products or clothes can find Mrs. Judy in the Resource Center in Library Hall (LIB 2) in between the College and Career Center and the Library.


    School Police:

    If you are dealing with a situation where you need to talk to school police, such as a car accident, bullying, threats, etc, there are a few different ways to go to them. You can go up to any of the police in the hallways, or you can go to the police office which is down the library hall on the left. From there you may have to fill out a police report or incident report depending on the situation. Just remember, the police are there to help you. If you need something, don’t hesitate to talk to them. **If you’re not sure if your situation requires school police involvement, you can go to the office and explain the issue to them, and they will help you from there.


    Student ID:

    At Reno High we use both digital and physical ID’s, depending on what you prefer, you can easily access either. For the digital ID, install the Minga app on your phone, and sign in according to your school in our case, its Washoe County ad Reno High. For a physical ID, visit the main office and ask to have a Student ID processed. You’ll be asked to take your picture, and then the main office will print it. 



    Peer tutors are available in specific classes and departments. Teachers should introduce students to their in-class peer tutors and how they can help. Personal tutors outside of class can come from a list of students who are willing to, sometimes for a fee, help tutor in select subjects. Students in need of a tutor should check with their counselor. UNR’s math lab and the district’s “Paper Tutoring” also offer tutoring services.



    Snacks are available for purchase at the vending machines in O-Hall. Water is available for free at the water fountains in Cafeteria Hall, R-Hall, IA-Hall, and the cafeteria. Sometimes, teachers will sell water, but that is at the individual teachers’ discretion.