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  • Welcome to the Red House Project webpage! We are happy that you found us. Please take a moment to check out the student-created videos for each of our Signature and CTE program areas:  Animation, Graphic Design, Computer Science, Video Production, Civil Engineering, Sports Medicine and Military Science. We hope that you make the choice to enroll in our academy.

Red House Trailer

Video Production


Video Production teaches the students the essentials of film making including camera operation, sound design, editing using Adobe Premier, introduction to motion graphics using Adobe After Effects, and outputting their work using Adobe Media Encoder. Students learn broadcasting skills working in a studio environment.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design focuses on the elements and principles of art and design, spatial relationships, typography, and imagery as students apply visual solutions for self-promotion, logo design, branding, and publication design. Students use Adobe software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and In Design.

Computer Science

Computer Science introduces students to the essential ideas of computer science and show how computing and technology influence the world. The pathway focuses on technology and programming to find creative solutions to computational problems. Intermediate and advanced courses provide instruction in innovative techniques and processes, particularly as it relates to object-oriented programming using the Java language.


The PLTW Civil Engineering and Architecture pathway empowers students to step into the role of an engineer, adopt a problem-solving mindset, and learn to make their ideas a reality. The program's courses engage students in real-world challenges that help them become collaborators and thinkers. Students develop their engineering skills, explore major engineering disciplines, and deep-dive into learning and solving real civil engineering and architectural challenges.

Sports Medicine

Students will focus on health career paths and be able to make informed choices for continuing education or work experience in the healthcare field. Through the class, they will also be exposed to athletic training while working with Reno High athletes. They will also be exposed to workplace readiness skills for healthcare workers.

Military Science

This course introduces student to the fundamentals of Military Science. Areas of emphasis include introduction to JROTC, foundations of leadership, citizenship, wellness, physical fitness, and first aid. Students will also gain experience in specific branch topics related to their program.

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