College Planning

  • Planning for college and life after high school can begin at any grade level. Use BigFuture to find colleges and careers that are right for you. It doesn’t have to be stressful. You can create an account to begin planning for life after high school. 

    Services available through BigFuture:

    • College Searches
    • College Prep - how can you prepare for College while in high school
    • Tips for College Applications
    • Scholarship Searches
    • College Cost
    • Financial Aid Basics
    • Career Exploration 
    • and more! 

    Begin planning today! 

Career Exploration

  • There are many careers out there. Begin exploring to find one that best fits you! 

    Nevada CareerExplorer offers many opportunities to explore careers and anything related! What is offered?

    • Interest Profiler: designed to find careers related to your interests
    • Budget Your Life: find careers that may be able to support the kind of lifestyle you hope to live
    • Resume Builder: get help creating a resume
    • Reference List Builder: keep track of possible references in one place
    • Explore Career Pathways
    • Research Careers
    • Research Colleges
    • Job Search
    • Save your activities, results, and files in one place! 
    • and more! 

    Begin exploring today!

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