Work Experience

  • Juniors and Seniors who are in need of elective credits to meet graduation requirements may qualify to receive Work Experience credit. Students may earn a .5 credit elective for every 180 hours worked. 

    Steps to follow:

    1. Gather all paystubs that you have available
    2. Put paystubs in groups of 180hrs in order of pay date (copies or electronic copies are preferred)
    3. Bring/Email paystubs to your counselor

    Your counselor will review your graduation plan with you, review your paystubs, and submit to the district. The district will review your paystubs and inform SSHS of how many work experience credits to put on your transcript. 

    ~ Submitting a paystub DOES NOT allow for any SSHS student to receive an off-campus period. At SSHS work experience credits must be completed outside of a student's schedule. ~