• 2024-2025 Galena Course Catalog, Registration Forms and Course Information

  • Galena High School will begin the process of registration for the 2024-2025 school year in January 2024.  Below is a list of the steps needed to enroll and select classes and our presentation schedule. At these presentation times, students will receive their course registration sheets to select their classes for the 24-25 school year. We've also included videos to highlight some of our core and elective classes, so students can understand what to expect.

    Steps to Register:

    1. Complete the WCSD Online Registration
    2. Download a course registration sheet (9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade)
    3. Review the Galena Course Catalog to better understand our diploma types and course offerings.
    4. Review the videos below to get a taste of some of our core and elective classes.


    Art Class

    Ceramics Class

    AP English 

    AP Psychology

    Formal Geometry

    Advanced Algebra 3


    AP Calculus and AP Stats

    Probability and Stats

    AP Environmental Science

    Military Science 

    Culinary Arts

    JAG - Jobs for America's Graduates


    Our schedule for our Course Registration Presentation is listed below:

    Doral Middle School:  January

    Herz Middle School:  January 16th and 17th

    Pine Middle School: January 16th

    Galena 9th-11th:  January 9th-12th

    Our schedule for meeting with students for course selection is listed below:

    Herz Middle School:  January 19th and 22nd

    Galena 9th-11th graders:  January 23rd-February 23rd