• National Testing (ACT, PSAT and SAT)

  • PSAT:

    Sophomores and juniors who plan to attend college should take the PSAT on October 12, 2022. This test is offered at Galena, and students need to sign up ahead of time. As the date approaches, details will be announced.


    ACT:  As part of a WCSD graduation requirement, all juniors must take the ACT in order to graduate. This test will be offered on March 5th during the school day for juniors.

    Other ACT dates are: 9/9/2023, 10/28/2023, 12/9/2023, 2/10/2024, 4/13/2024, 6/18/2024, 7/13/2024

    Register on the ACT website: www.act.org


    SAT: the SAT is offered on the following dates for the 2023-2024 school year: 8/26/2023, 10/7/2023, 11/4/2023, 12/2/2023, 3/9/2024, 6/1/2024 

    Register on the College Board website.