• Mr. Fraczek’s Science class




    I’d like to welcome you to my class.  Types of sciences covered will be Physical, Earth and Life.  There are some basic rules to my class that you should be aware of.


    1. Be prepared!  Bring all supplies every day. I cannot loan you supplies.
    2. Be on time, every time.
    3. Be respectful.


    Academic Grades


    * Grades are based on points earned.  It is difficult to tell how many labs we will be able to complete given restrictions due to COVID, but points will be assigned to labs, classwork/distance learning, and tests/quizzes.


    • Remember- your Distance Learning work is NOT homework.  It is curriculum you are expected to treat as though you were physically in school. Some will be quite easy. But some may challenge you and you may be confused.  Always do your best as it is recorded as classwork.


    * Any child acting inappropriately or being unsafe in a lab will be removed from the lab and scored a 0 for the lab.


    * Illegible or no-name work will receive a 0.


    Assessments= 30%

    All other work= 70%


    The above breakdown is a far cry from my normal grading.  I feel that this year I want kids/parents less stressed about, well… everything.  So if you are completing your work- your lowest grade will be a C.


    This is most definitely an interesting year.  Just remember that we are all in this together and so long as we are being safe- we will figure things out as we go.  All of us need to be patient and understanding.  Personally- I’m excited to be back.




    You may email me at sfraczek@washoeschools.net or call Mendive at 353-5990 with any questions you may have.