• Mr. Goedert's Math Class

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    Welcome to 8th grade Mathematics,


    I am excited to meet each and everyone of you. This page is meant to be a resource that includes helpful links to mathematics websites. Math 8 and Algebra will be deepening our understanding of integers, rate of change, proportions, volume, area. This year our class will be set up as a flipped classroom where you will be watching videos and filling out the guided notes for homework. When we are in class, we will be solving problems and completing supplemental assignments to help deepen our understanding.


    Below is a break down of Math 8 and Algebra grades

    Math 8

    • Tests/ Module Assessments: 45%

    • Quizzes: 30%

    • Classwork/ Homework: 15%

    • Final Exam: 10%



    • Tests: 50%

    • Quizzes: 20%

    • Classwork/ Homework: 15%

    • Final Exam: 15%


    Mendive Math Department Test Policies

    All students are eligible to correct test questions they corrected in order to receive 50% credit back. If a student, after test corrections, is still below 70%, s/he is eligible for a test retake. A test retake will allow students to gain up to half of the remaining points missing from the original test. Test retakes must be done before the next module test.

    8th Grade Math Late work Policy: All late work for the section is due on the day of the test. Semester Reviews, Skills Practices (only Math 8), Test Corrections, Test Reviews, Quiz/Test retakes, and making-up quizzes/ tests (due to absence) are due two weeks after the due date. Any late work turned in after the late work due date will not be accepted.

    I can’t wait to get to know each and everyone of you, and if any of you have questions please feel free to reach me at Jackson.Goedert@washoeschools.net 


    Helpful Links

    Khan Academy

    GoMath (District Page)

    Desmos (Graphing Calculator)