Week Seven: Review, Testing, and Retakes

Posted by Paul Wilkinson on 10/9/2022

Welcome back! Learners studied for and completed a challenging test the Friday before Fall Break, measuring their knowledge of events leading up to the Revolution and their ability to use primary source documents to investigate, analyze, explain, and assess information. 82% of test-takers scored a C (70%) or above. For those who struggled, a retake is available during Advisory on Monday, October 17, for students who have completed and submitted all missing assignments by Friday, October 14.

To sign-up for the retake, students must complete and submit any missing assignments, log on to their school account, and use this Form to sign-up.

With two weeks of class remaining in the quarter, here’s a look at the calendar:

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The week of October 10, we start Unit 2. Here’s a look at our standards and content:

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Students can access the links on this slide via the first quarter PowerPoint on Teams. The suggested time for Unit 2 is 4-5 weeks, so we will also work on this in the second quarter. Note that standard 33 requires the comparison of a current national issue to a historical event “to propose a solution based on past outcomes.” Learners and families may want to take time in the next few weeks to talk about how history connects with today’s issues.