• Hi students and parents! Welcome to 7/8th grade ELA!

    In 7th grade ELA, we cover three different writing styles: Narrative, Persuasive, and Information. Along with these writing styles, we will read four total novels to ensure that our students are seeing effective examples. These novels are A Long Walk to Water, Refugee, Chains, and World Without Fish.

    We will watch a few documentaries to give students background information regarding the novels as well as spark discussions within our classroom. 

    In addition to the above information, your student will also learn various grammar rules and Greek/Latin roots. 

    Current 7th-grade novel: A Long Walk to Water by: Linda Sue Park 

    Grading: Students will do two big summative assessments per quarter. One will always be a written essay, and the other may be a project. They will rarely have homework unless they don't finish their classroom work. 

    Class expectations:

    • Students come prepared with pencils and their journal (their journals are welcome to live in my classroom)
    • Students are up to date on reading (all the books we read are online. If they are absent, they can read from home.)
    • Students ask for help when needed. 
    • Students work harder every single day to grow their knowledge