Mr. Williams

    Mrs. Verdi


    COURSE DESCRIPTION:   This course provides students with the opportunity to learn a variety of sports and sport related movements as well as health and fitness concepts. Health topics relate to nutrition, fitness health and wellness. Emphasis is placed on active participation and positive social interaction during fitness and sport activities.


    GOAL: The goal of our Physical Education program at the middle school level is to help students develop specialized skills, offer new opportunities to explore recreational activities, and to build on lifetime wellness and social skill concepts.



    Your grade will be based on daily participation, dressing out, and end of the quarter physical assessment.

    PARTICIPATION: Your grade will reflect your daily participation. 5 points per day. Students will be expected to do moderate running, stretching and conditioning exercise for proper warm-up and conditioning. Students will also participate in a wide variety of individual and team sports and games. All students are required to participate in ALL warm-ups, conditioning, drills and class activities. Participation is evaluated primarily by the observation of the teacher.

    DRESSING OUT: Students must be dressed in the proper PE uniform 3 days a week to get maximum 5 points per day.

    NON-SUIT POLICY: (Based on quarter grade)

    • 4 Non-suits: Grade no higher than a “B”       
    • 6 Non-suits: Grade no higher than a “C”
    • 8 Non-suits: Grade no higher than a “D”


                (1) One Non-suit: Warning (please see IC for number of non-dress accumulation)

                (2) Two Non-suits: Warning (please see IC for number of non-dress accumulation)

                (3) Three Non-suits: Warning (please see IC for number of non-dress accumulation)

                (4) Four Non-suits: Student grade will be no higher than a “B”

    (5) Five Non-suits: Lunch Detention

                (6) Six Non-suits: Student grade will be no higher than a “C” and Lunch Detention


    “Borrow” PE clothes are available with a Mendive student ID card or agenda book. Students that borrow PE clothes will receive 3pts that day for dressing out.


    Please encourage your son/daughter to bring their PE clothes to school at the beginning of each week. Students bring their clothes home on Thursday or Friday to be laundered.


    HOMEWORK: Homework may be periodically assigned in P.E.

    ASSESSMENT: Practical test (skills) and/or written tests may be given at the end of each activity unit. Physical Fitness tests are given at the end of each quarter. Your assessment grade is based on individual improvement.



    *To receive the maximum number of daily points, it is necessary to:

    1. Bring all necessary materials to class. (including student ID, agenda book and reading book)
    2. Be dressed in proper uniform.
    3. Participate fully in all class activities.
    4. Display maximum effort.
    5. Follow all class rules and procedures to ensure safety for all.
    6. Cooperate fully with instructors, peers, and substitutes.


    BEHAVIOR GRADE: A positive attitude and good effort are displayed by the student during the entire PE class. Good sportsmanship and cooperation with teacher and peers are displayed in all activities.



    If a student is absent they must complete the PE make-up form requiring a parent signature.


    MEDICAL EXCUSES: When a minor injury or illness occurs and you feel it would be in the best interest to avoid strenuous activity for that day, a parent note will be accepted. Students still need to dress out when a parent note is provided. Occasionally a student may need to be excused from participating in class due to a serious injury or illness. Students who will miss three or more days of activity need to provide a written physicians statement indicating the injury or illness and the duration of the restriction. Students out on extended medical leave may be subject to a written assignment.



    • All students are required to wear a PE uniform.
    • Uniforms are sold through Kate’s Logos (775-432-1777) (optional PE bag $5.00).
    • Students may buy their own PE uniform. They must be black athletic shorts, sweats, yoga pants (no zippers, snaps, or pockets) and a solid white or gray t-shirt. (Names will be written on shirts)
    • Laced athletic shoes are required. Shoes are to be properly tied to avoid injury. Inappropriate footwear will result in a non-dress and the student will not be allowed to participate in class activities. A written assignment may be given.
    • Plain, solid color (gray, purple, black) sweat clothes are the only other attire permitted to be worn with the PE uniform.
    • Students are to wear only their OWN uniform. Uniforms are to be taken home each Thursday or Friday to be laundered and returned each Monday or Tuesday.
    • If students have any special problems with the uniform PLEASE have them talk to their PE teacher.
    • Students are not to wear their PE clothes over their school clothes.
    • Locks for the PE lockers will be provided by the PE dept. (borrow for the year) ($5.00 fine if lost).
    • Only locks issued by the PE dept will be allowed.



    • Alternative assignments will be given to any students not participating in the daily activity.
    • Follow KINGDOME Locker Room rules at all times.
    • No dressing will be permitted in the restroom or shower area and change into and out of school clothes in front of your locker.
    • Do not share lockers
    • Sit by your own locker, make sure your row is clean, lock lockers and wait for dismissal from the teacher to go to the gym or to your next class.
    • No glass containers or aerosol cans (hair spray) are allowed in the gym or locker room.
    • The PE areas are GUM-FREE, SODA-FREE, and FOOD FREE areas.
    • Students must enter and exit the gym through the door nearest their respective locker room.
    • Jewelry (including watches) is unsafe during PE class and should be locked in PE locker.
    • Coats and backpacks are NOT permitted in the lockers rooms.
    • Inappropriate language and/or behavior will result in lunch detention, parent/guardian notification or removal from class.
    • In order to accommodate all PE classes on an assembly day and/or inclement weather days, the PE dept. may show sport-oriented movies and documentaries with the students. Our video library consists of nutritional videos, sports blooper videos, health related documentaries, and “G”, “PG”, and “PG13” rated films.    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  
    •                                                            HOMEWORK
    •                                                 Please detach and return to your teacher

    Please sign and return indication you have read and understand the policies and procedures for Mendive PE.


    Student Name:_______________________________________ PE Period:______ PE Teacher:______________


    Student Signature:____________________________________


    Parent/Guardian Signature:______________________________________


    Parent/Guardian Contact Information:

    Email address:______________________________________________

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