1. Locker Room Rules: 
    • NO BULLYING - Just Be Nice J
    • NO GUM, FOOD, OR DRINK (nuts)
    • No running, throwing objects, sitting on lockers, or jumping from benches/lockers
    • No yelling. Indoor voices only
    • NEVER give anyone your locker combination.
    • Do not enter or leave the locker room without permission
    • Do not wait for your friends
    • Do not double up. Do not share PE clothes. Borrowing clothes results in a non-dress grade.
    • Respect others and their property. (Keep your hands to yourself)


    1. Dress Out:
    • You will have 5 minutes to dress.
    • Names must be written in the designated area of your uniform only. Nicknames not allowed.
    • Socks and athletic shoes must be worn.  Shoes must be tightly laced and tied.


    1. End of Class:
    • You will have 5 minutes to dress back into school clothes.
    • Lock your locker, and keep your area clean.
    • Do not leave the locker room until the bell rings.  If you are ready early, sit by your locker and visit.  DO NOT crowd around the door.
    1. Lockers:
    • Your locker combination is for you to know only. DO NOT EVER GIVE YOUR LOCKER COMBINATION TO ANYONE!
    • Write your combination down in your agenda so you know where to find it in case your forget it.
    • You are responsible for any stolen items from your locker, please do not bring any valuables to school.
    • No marks or stickers on lockers.
    1. What you need for your locker:
    • Deodorant, Wet wipes
    • Plastic containers only, NO GLASS (perfume bottles, etc.) or aerosol cans.
    • Non-breakable mirrors only.
    1. Lost and Found:
    • Check shelves or office window for lost items. You are responsible for your own items.
    1. Proper Office Etiquette:
    • Knock and wait at the door. Do not enter office unless invited.
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