• This page provides helpful resources, including Quiz Corrections, course and discussion expectations, and other resources. All my students are expected to be familiar with the course and discussion expectations, and knowing those will help students be more successful in their respective classes.


    Helpful resources

         World History
         U.S. History


    Textbook links - you will need to log in to your Connexus account, and you will need Adobe Flash player 

    American Government: Magruder’s American Government

    AP US Government: Government in America

    AP US History: By The People

    US History: United States History

    World History: World History


    Quiz Corrections -  Please complete this form to improve your quiz and test grades. Be sure you have read and understand the following:

         1. Quiz corrections must be submitted within two weeks of your teacher grading your test. Do not wait until the end of the semester, because they will not be accepted.
         2. All submissions must be typed into the form provided.
         3. The form and your responses must be complete - if I cannot tell what test it is, or what question you are answering, I will not do the research.
         4. Your responses must be complete - stating that an answer is correct, without providing a deeper explanation, doesn't demonstrate learning. That's the point of this activity.
         5. Quiz corrections may be used for short-answer and essay responses as well.
         6. Students can earn back up to 50% of the missed points by doing Quiz Corrections - this can have a substantial impact on your grade, so I strongly recommend spending the time to do these.
         7. If you need more space for questions, just copy the question section as many times as you need to.
         8. Please submit one form per quiz or test; it's perfectly fine to submit more than one form in an Webmail, but each quiz or test must be a separate document.
         9. Quiz corrections will not be accepted for any part of any quiz or test where plagiarism is suspected.
        10.Please use standard writing conventions, including capitalization and punctuation, and spell-check your document. Submitted quiz corrections that do not follow these practices will not be graded.
        11. Students may submit as many Quiz Corrections as they wish for Social Studies. Be aware that each teacher has their own policy.
        12.Let me know if you have any questions or problems!


    Remind Instructions - All Social Studies students are required to sign up for Remind. Please refer to the attached form and make sure you are signing up for the correct class(es).  The purpose of this is so students can contact me with questions outside of school hours, and so I can send important updates, such as if Connexus has crashed, or for upcoming LiveLessons.


    Discussion Expectations - In order to maximize the points earned on your discussions, be sure you are doing the following:

         1. Answer the question completely.
         2. Provide solid evidence and detail.
         3. Respond to TWO other students, regardless of what the instructions say. If you are the first responder, you will be asked to go back and respond. If you are the second responder, you will be asked to go back and respond to one other student. If you are the third or later responder, you have enough posts to meet the assignment requirements immediately.
         4. Extend your response - add to what the other student has said.
         5. Avoid asking questions - while this is a good strategy in a face-to-face discussion, it doesn't work in this format.
         6. Avoid negative critique - consider that it's my job to redirect a student; I'd like to see you support your peers.
    Discussions cannot be revised or made up. Be sure you understand and follow the expectations, and ask me if you have any questions.


    Introductory video - addresses course expectations - The Google form for the video and your Remind sign-up assignment are due by 3:00 p.m. Friday, September 1.

         1. Your first Social Studies LiveLesson is my introductory video. Please click this link; and please complete this Google Form while you watch the video, to earn your first LiveLesson points with me. From my computer, the sound isn't great - that's something I'm continuing to work on, so I apologize for the poor sound quality.
          2. Sign up for Remind! I am requiring this so I know I always have some way of contacting you. You can receive messages by text or through email, if you don't have a cell phone or have limited messaging. I am requiring this (which means you will get more points here) so I can send you reminders or contact you quickly, if needed. I will normally contact you through Webmail, unless it's somewhat urgent. The idea here is for you to be able to contact me with questions outside of school hours. Last year's students are most likely already signed up; please make sure you're in the correct class. A few students might have been dropped, because I didn't see your name on my roster when I was transferring my sections.
          3. Complete the Remind assignment: sign up for your appropriate class, and send me a quick message in Remind about something you did this summer: a place you went, shows or movies you watched, books you read, video games you played, a hobby you spent some time on, sports you played, etc.
          4. The Quiz Correction form will be posted on the Message Board, in case you need it. Don't forget that these need to be submitted within two weeks of me grading the test (you should receive a notification when that is done), they always need to be typed, and these go at the bottom of my grading, so you might not see these updated for a while. You can earn back up to 50% of your points by submitting Quiz Corrections.