• What is digital citizenship? It is the appropriate use of and behavior towards digital technology, allowing all users and consumers to participate in a supportive environment.

    General Information:

    Digital Citizenship: a concise infographic and short blog explaining the expectations and purposes of digital citizenship.

    Washoe County School District's slideshow on digital citizenship: allows students, parents, and other teachers to see district expectations regarding this important behavior.

    Washoe County School District's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is included as a sub-page on this site for parent and student reference. The Washoe County community should be aware of the importance of our digital policies.

    Protect your privacy: Invasion of the Data Snatchers provides a short video that explains the need to protect your online privacy and why people are interested in YOUR information.

    Digital Citizenship for Students:
    Netiquette: a short video explaining how to "play nice" on the web, and why it's important.

    Social Media posting: THINK infographic; a quick and easy reminder about the appropriateness of what you post

    Digital Footprint infographic, reminding you of the significance of your digital footprint.

    Digital Citizenship for Parents:
    Our Kids' Connected Culture: a short video explaining to parents what their students might experience online, and how to support their students within that community.

    What is Digital Citizenship? A website with age-level videos and activities for elementary, middle, and high school students and their parents exploring digital citizenship and its expectations.

    Five Tips for Digital Citizenship: A short, less than two minutes long, video providing brief tips supporting Digital Citizenship. Everybody has two minutes to watch this.