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    Can I make up a portfolio, quiz, or test?  

    Will you look at a draft for me?

    What is your grading policy?  

    Can I get a gradecheck?  

    I can't upload in the Dropbox - can you help?

    Can I suggest an alternative assignment?  

    Can I skip a portfolio?  

    What are your general policies on grading?  

    Do you provide extra credit? 

    Can I re-take a quiz or test? 

    What can I do to improve my grade?

    Can I get some additional help? 

    Can I ask a question to be posted on this page?


    Can I make up a portfolio, quiz, or test? Any work can be made up to improve your grade. All make-up work must be submitted within two weeks of the date the assignment was graded. Be sure your grade is ALWAYS where you want it throughout the semester, because I will not consider requests to revise work at the end of the semester, unless the work falls within the two-week window described above. The last date any work will be accepted, whether it is for original submissions or make-up work will be the date established each semester by the school. In other words, make-up work submitted at the end of the semester is subject to the end-of-semester deadline rather than the two-week rule. The exception to this policy is if the work has been plagiarized: students may not make up work where plagiarism has been detected. Please always practice academic integrity, and talk to me if you are unsure regarding what constitutes plagiarism.    Top

    Will you look at a draft for me? Absolutely! I am happy to help you at any stage in your writing or thinking process. Don't be afraid to ask for help.    Top

    What is your grading policy? I try to grade assignments within a day or two of receipt, but sometimes it might take as long as two weeks, depending on a variety of factors, including the number of meetings I’m attending, whether or not I’m on-site, how many other assignments I have to grade, and so on. I normally grade assignments on a first-come, first-graded basis. If you are waiting for feedback on a rough draft or proposal, please Webmail me to request I grade it.    Top

    Can I get a gradecheck? Yes! Please keep in mind that we might not be able to grade outstanding assignments as part of your gradecheck, and we’d appreciate a minimum 48-hours notice to get this back to you.    Top

    I can't upload in the Dropbox - can you help? You can always Webmail or email me attachments, links, or photos or screenshots of your work if the technology is being persnickety. I'm also happy to help you troubleshoot. Sometimes it's as simple as changing your browser or re-booting.    Top

    Can I suggest an alternative assignment? Yes! I love finding out what works best for my students and will gladly consider alternatives to assignments and formats. Please discuss your idea with me in advance, but chances are we will be able to run with it. I want you to demonstrate learning. How you do that is up to you. I LOVE digital technology and support you integrating it into your work. Please be aware that I do need to consider our relevant content and standards, but we can work together on crafting something that works for you.    Top

    Can I skip a portfolio? Generally, no. The purpose of the portfolios is to demonstrate your learning for that specific unit; skipping these means you miss valuable reinforcements, and experience has shown me end-of-semester portfolios are lower in quality and earn fewer points than those done at the time required. However, I realize life can get complicated, and I am happy to discuss this individually with you. Students who skip portfolios without consulting with me first, or who have been directed to complete the portfolio after a consultation, will receive a score of zero on that portfolio and will not be able to make it up.    Top

    What are your general policies on grading? I try to grade assignments within two weeks of submission. Depending on what else is going on with the school, I am hopefully grading frequently and getting assignments back to you quickly. I strive to provide specific feedback if your assignment might need revision; if you're in the ballpark, I might or might not provide feedback, based on how busy things might be. I welcome the opportunity to discuss your assignment with you, whether or not I've provided feedback, and you are welcome to revise assignments, regardless of the grade received. Because I generally grade a class at a time, if you are waiting on feedback from me, especially for rough drafts, before you can move on to something else, just send me a Webmail to that effect and I will make your assignment a priority. If you need a grade check, I need at least a 48-hour advanced notice to comply with your request. As a reminder, plagiarized assignments and intentionally skipped assignments are not eligible for revisions, as the student has already made the decision to not invest time and effort into the assignment. Please be aware that make-up assignments and extra credit assignments (see below) are the last things I grade, and sometimes may not get graded until the end of a semester.    Top

    Do you provide extra credit? Because I allow revisions, I generally don't provide extra credit. That said, I do award extra credit for students who really go above and beyond on their work and impress me in terms of the effort they've put forth. Basically, extra effort equals extra credit. There may also be some extra credit opportunities available throughout the year in terms of field trips, Blended Lessons, extra LiveLessons, and within the Webmail I send. Be on the alert for those opportunities.    Top

    Can I re-take a quiz or test? Please complete a quiz correction form and Webmail it to me within two weeks of receiving your grade. I'm happy to help you work through this. Keep in mind that if plagiarism was detected you may not be able to improve your grade on that particular assignment.    Top

    What can I do to improve my grade? Be sure you are asking this question before the end of the semester! Be sure you are taking advantage of revisions and quiz corrections, that you are attending and/or making up LiveLessons, that you are following deadlines, and that you are making an effort to do the best work you can. Be sure your grade is always at a level that makes you happy, and contact me immediately if it isn't. Improving your grade needs to be done at the time the grade is received, not at the end of the semester.    Top

    Can I get some additional help? Absolutely! Being an online student means there are a variety of ways we can make this happen. We can work together over the phone, in person at the school site, through Webmail, or within a private LiveLesson. You can also message me through Remind outside of school hours if you're stuck.    Top

    Can I ask a question to be posted on this page? Absolutely! This FAQ page is a work in progress, and your questions are relevant.    Top