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  • Scholarships:

    Click here to learn Everything you need to know about finding, applying for and hopefully receiving scholarships

    Last year we posted over 100 scholarship opportunities at Galena.  About 25 were due in the fall, and over 70 in the spring.  Scholarship season picks up October through April.  By the end of April, there are fewer opportunities to apply.  Almost 90% of scholarships posted here at Galena, require the student to apply online or mail in their own application by the posted due date.    All scholarships sent to Galena are posted for all students to access website addresses.  They are listed so students can access them from home or on their own time.  If there is an option to apply online, USE IT. 

    Hundreds of additional scholarships are available online.  Students should register at www.collegeboard.com or www.collegegreenlight.com or a similar, legitimate website (pick up the list in the library or click on additional scholarship opportunities tab).  NEVER PAY FOR SCHOLARSHIP INFORMATION. Be aware that many internet scholarship search sites pass along (and profit off of) the sale of your personal information to other companies. If you choose to utilize national search sites then use those that allow you to manage your privacy settings (like College Greenlight).  Read the privacy policies closely.

    All scholarships posted at Galena will be posted in various locations: 

    • In the Galena Career Center Scholarship Drawer (filed alphabetically) and in the Scholarship Binder (filed in due date order.)  If there is any information to pick up, it will be found in the Scholarship Drawer.  This is the most up-to-date location for materials.
    • In all English and American Government classrooms
    • In the Counseling Dept.
    • On the school website, click on “current scholarships” button. (easiest, the fastest way to find scholarships)
    • At the beginning of your Senior year, email addresses will be collected for a scholarship email list to alert the Senior class about new postings, deadlines, and other scholarship opportunities.  This will be a great way of filtering through scholarships and emailing information out to those eligible.  Some scholarships are very specific (i.e. only for the medical field, engineering, etc)  We don't want to overload students with too much information. 
    • You will also have the opportunity to join Remind text app (voluntary) if you prefer to receive texts regarding new scholarships being posted.



    • NEVER pay for scholarship applications or fees.
    • Make sure all pages you submit are typed, NEAT, well edited, and that all the information you include is true and verifiable.
    • Always try and beat the deadline posted.
    • National scholarships can involve BIG money, however, they are very difficult to get.  Go LOCAL if you can.  Look for local stores, businesses, or perhaps your parent(s) employer may offer scholarships.
    • Gather information early.  Most scholarships require various versions of:
      • Resume with test scores, honors classes, and awards received
      • Community service activities, hours, location, services
      • Personal Essay
      • Letters of recommendations


    Financial Aid:

    FAFSA opens October 1st. The 2020-2021 FAFSA for the Class of 2020 requires your 2018 tax information. See the Career Center Calendar for FAFSA workshop dates. TMCC and UNR also provide assistance with completing your FAFSA. Below is a link to the Federal Department of Education website which provides helpful information, tutorials and a link to the FAFSA application.

    NOTE: The FAFSA is a FREE application. You should never have to pay to complete it.


    Website Resource for explaining different types of financial aid


    Federal Student Aid Office through the US Department of Education



    WUE: Western Undergraduate Exchange.

    The goal is to provide affordable options for students wanting to attend college out of their home state. WUE (pronounced “woo-wee”) is the Western Undergraduate Exchange, and it is coordinated by WICHE. WUE is a regional tuition-reciprocity agreement that enables students from WICHE states to enroll in more than 150 participating two- and four-year public institutions at 150 percent of the enrolling institution’s resident tuition. WUE is the largest program of its kind in the nation, and has been in operation since 1987! WUE is not a short-term exchange—it is meant to be used for a full degree.


    To see a full list of participating Colleges please see below: