Welcome to the Galena College and Career Center "Scholarships" homepage!  Please review the "Scholarships 101" reference below for detailed information on the scholarship search process, how it works, tips, and additional resources:


    What is a scholarship?

    Scholarships are a type of financial aid award (and "free" money!) designed to help students pay for college.  Sometimes a scholarship is a one-time check, and other times it is renewable for each semester (or year) of college.  The money- regardless of amount- is typically given directly to the student's financial aid office and the office 'applies' it to the student's account.  The student would then pay the college for the difference on any money owed for tuition, fees, room and board, etc.

    How can the scholarship money be spent?

    Scholarship awards can be spent on tuition, as well as (possibly) books, housing, food, or even computers/software.  What you can spend the scholarship money on will be outlined in the "disbursement rules", which will come directly from the committee/organization awarding you the scholarship.  When you receive the scholarship money, you may receive it in one 'chunk' before school begins, or it can be distributed in installments between semesters.  Again, it will depend on the disbursement rules.

    Who gets scholarships?  Where do they come from?

    See the "Scholarships 101" handout above for detailed information!  Scholarships come from a variety of different sources, including clubs, businesses, organizations, charities, foundations, colleges, the government, and even private individuals.  Colleges and universities also offer financial help in the form of "merit aid" (which is typically "free" money) as well, so don't forget to contact the colleges you are considering to see if you qualify for any merit aid as an incoming freshman.  EACH scholarship has its own criteria- some are based on financial need, some require membership in an organization, some are based on college major, others on totally random criteria, etc. The guidelines for scholarships are decided by the group awarding it. There is a scholarship application for everyone, regardless of whether you excel in academics or not.  Leave no stone unturned in your quest to apply for scholarships!

    REMEMBER:  NEVER pay for scholarship information, applications or fees!  Be aware that many internet scholarship search sites pass along (and profit off) the sale of your personal information to other companies.  If you choose to use national search sites, then use those that allow you to manage your privacy settings.  Read the privacy policies closely!











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