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    Posted by Sylva Applebach on 1/18/2018

    WELCOME OUR CAREER FACILITATOR, Mrs. Applebach!!  She posts all our scholarships and is happy to help you with college questions, FAFSA, applications, and career research.  Stop by the Galena Library and say Hi.

    All information posted here has been sent to Galena High School.  We want to make it easy for you to access, so we included the online links to go directly to the scholarships. Most likely you will need to submit applications at the listed websites.

    We store all the information about scholarship opportunities we've posted in the Galena Career Center file cabinet labeled "SCHOLARSHIP DRAWER". You can also check the Binder above the scholarship drawer, which has information in the DUE DATE order.  All scholarships are listed in due date order, RED font indicates a local scholarship, Black font indicates a national scholarship.  Please come by and pick up a flyer.....


    WCSD's CTE Website posts scholarships monthly. Please read the application instructions on the website carefully before applying



    Walk on admission and Scholarships available with the U.S. Air Force For more information review this flyer


    DUE MONTHLY VARSITY TUTORS SCHOLARSHIP.  Write a 200-900 word essay on the topic "If you had the opportunity to create a high school extracurricular activity, what would it be and why?"  Visit here.  More to come next month.


    GATES MILLENNIUM SCHOLARS AWARD. Must be Pell Grant Eligible, of a qualifying group, Min 3.3 GPA and demonstrate leadership, academic excellence, and involvement in the community.  For more details visit: here.


    FUTURE IN AEROSPACE SCHOLARSHIPS AND PROGRAM.  Are you interested in a career in Aviation?  Pathways to Aviation is hosting several "Flight Plan" workshops to include career planning advice and support, presentations from industry leaders, trips to aviation companies, and matching with mentors.  Register  here.


    NEVADA ARMY NATIONAL GUARD SCHOLARSHIP.  College tuition, textbook reimbursement, expenses and more.  Review details HERE


    COMMUNITY FOUNDATION OF WESTERN NEVADA DUE VARIES 2/10-4/30/21.  Multiple scholarships are available.  Review now and see what you are eligible for.  Interested in Medical School, are you an athlete, pursing teaching degree, want to work in the field of geriatrics, or maybe you are interested in an AA degree or certificate from a vocational school.  There are many open scholarship opportunities listed at https://nevadafund.org/scholarships/ Apply TODAY!!  


    DUE 3/31/21 GREATER NEVADA CREDIT UNION (GNCU) SCHOLARSHIP.   Must be a dependent of a member or a member or the credit union, fill out the application, submit transcript and (2) letters of recommendation.  Visit here.


    DUE 3/31/21 NEVADA TELECOMMUNICATIONS SCHOLARSHIP.  Must have academic achievement, extra-curricular activities, financial need, provide an application and written essay. Must be a dependent child of customers of the Associations member of local exchange telephone companies (see attached application), graduate from a Nevada State high school and enrolling in an accredited college, vocational school or university.  Please see attached application.


    DUE 3/31/21 UPSOLVE ACCESS TO JUSTICE SCHOLARSHIP.  Must be graduating senior who writes a 500-1000 word essay on your ideas for a more equitable legal system.  Apply here.


    DUE 4/1/21 RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE CHARITIES SCHOLARSHIP. Live in Northern Nevada, be US citizen, enrolled in vocational/technical or higher education school. For more info visit: here.


    DUE 4/1/21. ZEST FOR COOKING SCHOLARSHIP. $500 award to support and inspire students who are considering a career in the culinary arts. Visit here.


    DUE 4/2/21 OVERACHIEVER'S SCHOLARSHIP. Open to seniors with a 3.5GPA or higher, SAT test score min 1200/ACT test score min 25, have 100 community service hours and involved in extra-curricular activities. To apply visit: here


    DUE 4/4/21 UNIGO REDHEAD SCHOLARSHIP. Are you a redhead?  Complete the essay, application, personal statement transcript and photo to apply.  Visit here.


    DUE 4/9/21 JOSHUA L. ANDERSON SCHOLARSHIP.  Do you play softball or baseball for your high school?  Are you hard working, enrolling in a post-secondary school?  This may be for you...apply here


    DUE 4/9/21. WEA- 2021 KATHY POWELL/THELMA DAVILA SCHOLARSHIP.  $1000 will be awarded to a graduating senior of Hispanic decent who has an interest in pursuing a career in education.  Apply here


    DUE 4/9/21 WEA-2021 MICHAEL LANDSBERRY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP.  $1000 will be awarded to a high school senior who plans on attending a 2-4 year college or vocational school and attended SPARKS MIDDLE SCHOOL for 7/8th grade.  Apply here.


    DUE 4/9/21 WEA - 2021 ERNIE JOHNSON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP. $1000 will be awarded to a high school senior who plans on attending a 2 year college or vocational school.  Applicant must be a child of a WEA OR WREA member. (Washoe Education Association/Washoe Retired Education Association).  Apply here.


    DUE 4/9/21 WEA - LANCASTER FAMILY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP. $2000 will be awarded to a high school senior who plans on attending a 4 year university or college to pursue a career in elementary education.  Applicant must be a child of a WEA OR WREA member. (Washoe Education Association/Washoe Retired Education Association). Apply here.


    DUE 4/9/21 WEA-MARILYN OWEN ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP.  $1000 will be awarded to a high school senior who plans on attending a 4 year university/college.  Applicant must be a child of a WEA OR WREA member. (Washoe Education Association/Washoe Retired Education Association).   Apply here.


    DUE 4/9/21 NEVADA CATTLEMEN'S ASSOCIATION SCHOLARSHIP. Each year two scholarships are available to students pursuing an agriculture-related education.  Apply here.


    DUE 4/16/21 DOUBLE DIAMOND ELEMENTARY SCHOLARSHIP. Did you attend Double Diamond? You should check out this scholarship. Application


    DUE4/16/21 NEVADA BROADCASTERS SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION. Must be NV resident, enrolled in a broadcast or related curriculum field, accepted to 2/4 year school.  For more details visit here.


    DUE 4/16/21 BARNEY BELL GOLF SCHOLARSHIP. $1000 to a graduating senior.  Must have 3.0 or higher GPA.  Fill out this application and mail in by the deadline to be considered.


    DUE 4/17/21 CATHAY BANK FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP.  Students who reside in NV, have a 3.0GPA, can demonstrate financial need and are planning on attending a college/university in the Fall 2021 should consider this national scholarship.  Application details


    DUE 4/17/21 TAIWANESE AMERICAN SCHOLARSHIP FUND.  Are you a US citizen but a direct blood descendant of a Taiwanese citizen?  Do you have a 3.0GPA?  Demonstrate financial need?  More details here


    DUE 4/20/21 RENO LODGE #13 MASONIC SCHOLARSHIP ASSISTANCE PROGRAM.  Open to seniors attending Vocational, Junior College or College.  Must submit application, test scores, GPA and official school signature (which can be obtained by Ms. Applebach).  See attached Application


    DUE 4/30/21 PLEASANT VALLEY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PTA SCHOLARSHIP.  Students with 2.5 GPA and attended PVES can apply for a $250 scholarship. Many former GHS students have won.  Use this application.


    DUE 5/1/21 ACF VISIONARY SCHOLARSHIP. Open to grades 9-12.  Awards from $1000-$5000 available.  Visit here to apply.  


    DUE 5/31/21 IVYPANDA ANNUAL WRITING CONTEST. Can you demonstrate the mastery of essay writing?  Write 500-750 word essay based on prompts given and follow format.  Visit here.







    There is NO APPLICATION for the Millennium Scholarship.  Students who qualify by graduation are automatically put on a list that is sent to the Nevada Treasurer's office.  This scholarship has continued many years beyond its original planned funding and could be ended at any time prior to the next graduating class.  As of fall 2019, students who earn at least a 3.25 weighted, cumulative GPA by graduation - OR - earned a qualifying ACT (21) or SAT (1070) score, AND complete all graduation requirements with 4 years of math (including Algebra 2 or higher) and 3 years of science, and graduate from Nevada high school, and were a resident of Nevada for at least TWO years of high school qualify.  Check out the details on the website for the GGMS Fact Sheet on the right of the screen: You can also pick up copies at the Galena Career Center, in the Scholarship Drawer.  In the summer after graduation, recipients get a letter asking "you qualify for... will you accept?"  Say "YES I ACCEPT" (in writing); then when fees are due at Nevada institution, 80% of the cost of up to 15 credits will be credited to your school account, lowering your bill each semester.  There ARE ongoing GPA requirements in college.



    Open to seniors planning to attend CCNN. Three awards: one each for $5000.00, $2000.00, and $1000.00. Pick up a flyer  in the Galena Career Center Scholarship Drawer, or apply online at http://ccnn.edu/financial-aid/scholarships/



    Numerous campuses are holding auditions Sept thru DECEMBER.  Go to https://www.amda.edu/admissions/audition to learn more.


    Due Dates Vary--  WACE NATIONAL CO-OP SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM  (For specific universities)

    Open to seniors with a cumulative GPA of 3.0. The application process requires a typed one-page essay. Must apply for the 2019-2020 academic year at one of the WACE Partner Institutions listed: Clarkson University, Drexel University, Merrimack College, R.I.T., Oswego University of New York, University of Toledo, University of Cincinnati, UMASS Lowell, and Wentworth Institute of Technology. Award amounts: Up to thirty $6000 merit scholarships renewable per Program and University criteria. Pick up a flyer  in the Galena Career Center Scholarship Drawer or visit http://www.waceinc.org/scholarship/index.html


    DUE DATE VARIES:  NOW COLLEGE PREP AND HBCU TOUR - Held at University of Nevada, Reno on Saturdays

    Open to ALL 8th - 12th graders.  First, in family,  low income, and underrepresented STEM fields encouraged to sign up.    Call for more info:  775-525-1835.



    Open to students in grades 10-12.  Spring Break academic camps in March and early April (two-match our spring break). Go to the website to learn more, sign up, view the webinar, etc.  www.oxbridgeprograms.com


    Due date varies: RAISE.ME

    Open to all high school students. START DURING YOUR FRESHMAN YEAR! Earn micro-scholarships for your achievements in and out of the classroom. Award amounts vary. Pick up a flyer in the Galena Career Center or visit https://www.raise.me/scholarship.



    This scholarship program was developed with Washoe County School District’s (WCSD) Children in Transition students in mind. The goal is to promote positive outcomes and opportunities for students who may have none at all. The scholarship focuses on providing high school graduates the opportunity to enroll in higher education certification programs while gaining the necessary skills to improve employment opportunities.  To learn more visit: https://www.assistanceleague.org/reno-sparks/students-in-transition-application/ or pick up a flyer in the Galena Career Center Drawer.


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