• Job Opportunities:

    Mathnasium is currently seeking math instructors on a part-time basis (8-16hr/week) to work with students in grades 2-12. You must have exceptional math skills through Algebra 2 and Geometry.  Be positive, energetic, motivating and be able to work with students of all ages.  If interested please contact Neetha Govind, Center Director at diamond@mathnasium.com.


    City of Reno  is looking to hire youth leaders. Must be 16+ years of age, motivated and responsible people.   They will work around students schedules depending on classes, sports or extra curricular activities.  To apply visit the City of Reno website and click on "jobs".  Or visit Here


    TJ-Maxx is hiring part-time, weekend and night positions.  To apply visit here.


    Internship Opportunities:


    Volunteer Opportunities: 

    Pleasant Valley Elementary School  is having their fall carnival on Sat 9/14 from 9-3 and needs help.  Sign up here.


    The Northern Nevada R.A.V.E. Family Foundation is recruiting for the 2019-2020 program year. Are you interested in community service hours?  RAVE (Respite and Volunteer Experiences) is looking for high school students that would like to provide respite to families caring for young children with special needs.  Volunteers would work approximately 8 hours per month at the RAVE Family Center.  Click here for more information.  View the instructions here.


    Community Foundation of Western Nevada  is looking for 20 high school students to join their Youth in Philanthropy High School Giving Circle (HSGC) advisory committee.   As a member you will learn about local charities in your community and then decide to which you will give all or a portion of the $10,000.  These fund will help charities that serve arts, culture, environment, education and human services.  Apply here.