ELA Department Policies

  • GradesGrading Policies

    Learners will be graded for mastery of standards. Teachers will use a common grading policy to better triangulate our data to show growth of student knowledge on standards.

    Mastery = 9.5

    Meeting = 8.5

    Approaching = 7.5

    Developing = 6.5

    Emerging = 5.5

    Present but no participation = 1

    Absent = Missing*

    Honorable Exemplar = 10

    *Missing assignments can be made up within the same quarter.

    Assessments may be retaken at any point to improve their grades.

  • Lexia PowerUp

    Teachers will devote 2 days a week in class to support Lexia practices to fill learning gaps

    Grading will be based on completing 90 minutes per week.

  • Common Assessments

    Assessments are only one part of a learner's life. However, how a learner does on an assessment indicates how the classroom teacher responds. As a department, we will evaluate whether we need to reteach, remediate or extend learning opportunities for each learner. 

    Common unit finals and common quarterly finals will be administered within a similar time frame at the grade level's discretion.

    All exams are created within the common grade level. 

  • Reading Practices

    stack of books 

    • Each teacher in the building will encourage students to read each Wednesday in Advisory
    • Learners are encouraged to have a book every day for every class
    • ELA teachers will have a 3-week rotation through the library for student chosen books
    • Learners will be expected to complete a 1-page written reflection on one book every 3 weeks
  • Improved focus for the 2021-2022 school year

    • Writing prompts will be decided upon as a department for each grade level
    • Some prompts may be shared with the O'Brien Social Studies Department
    • Common grading rubrics will be used as a department

    Quarter 1 - narrative

    Quarter 2 - explanatory/persuasive

    Quarter 3 - argumentative

    Quarter 4 - at teacher discretion to support student growth