Mrs. Janes' ELA 7 Handbook



  • School Supplies

    This year will be different to say the least.

    So for now, let's play this by ear.

    If you have access to a laptop, surface, ipad or other transportable technology item -- bring it on your assigned school day. You will need access as the intention is to avoid as much paper and pencil assignments as possible.

    You will be expected to have access to a book...


    reading makes you smarter. It is scientifically proven.

  • rights Learner's Rights & Responsibilities

    Every learner in my class has high expectations of success. These expectations will be reflected upon often by the student on a periodic basis (every week or two). These self-reflections will become their work ethic and behavior grades. A digital form has been created and will be saved for parent questions or concerns. 

  • digital quote What will my home day include?

    Your home day is not just a quick check in with your advisory teacher this school year. You will be expected to complete a variety of activities. This will include an hour of uninterrupted reading on your home days. And when you finish reading the book of your choice, you will be expected to complete an activity based on what you learned. These projects will be announced at the beginning of each book selection. 

    Another part of your time at home, you will be expected to spend on homework completion. Items that were NOT completed in class but are due will need your attention.

    And finally, you will have a writing component around Social and Emotional Learning. The expectation for this is complete sentences. And an in-depth response to the question that is asked. Simply writing, "I agree" will not earn you points.

    There are additional components that your distance learning teacher will go over with you to help you succeed.

Last Modified on August 13, 2020