• Go Math: is your textbook for Math 8.  You have online access through the district website.  Go to www.washoeschools.net, click on the tab Students and Parents, go down to "H" and click on HRW Go Math.  This will take you directly to the site.  If you are logged onto a district computer as you in a district building, it will automatically sign you into your account.  If you are off-site, you will need to input your username and password, which is your studentID@washoeschools.org and your password is the same as you use for Teams and for logging into a computer on campus.

    Edgenuity: Students have access to a blended version of the program.  This is the same program used for Credit Recovery, except big projects were removed and students also have the ability to move around the program.  We will be using Edgenuity at times throughout the school year.  It will be on your online days as a tool to pre-teach the vocabulary and give you a preview of the lessons.  It is also a tool you can use for re-teaching or review before a test.  Teachers will specifically assign certain lessons.  It is not a program that you are going to just go through on your own.  The program is not fully aligned to our book, so we will assign specific lessons that go with the concept we are currently doing in class.

    How to log into Edgenuity: I have put a link to the site in Teams.  It is a tab at the top of the page in the General section.  If you do not have access to that, you can also log into it on your internet browser directly.  Edgenuity website link

    Username is your studentID@washoeschools.org

    Password is your student ID


    Q2 Assignments

    Oct. 26-29

    Oct. 19-23

    Oct. 12-16


    Q1 Assignments

    Sept. 28 to Oct. 02

    Sept. 21-25

    Sept. 14-18

    Sept. 08-11

    Aug. 31 to Sept. 4

    Aug. 24-28