• DreamBox codes: (If you need it for your iPad.)

    Period 1:   91481

    Period 2:   53581

    Period 3:   59170

    Period 4:   59363

    Period 5:   19235

    Period 6:   89172

    Math Support:  52838


    Math Syllabus

    Online Go Math Instructions:

    To log onto the online version of the textbook and the online resources, go to the Washoe County School District website www.washoeschools.net, click on the Students and Parents tab, then click on HRW - GoMath!  It should send you to the sign-in page for the online resources. Student usernames are: <student ID number> @washoeschools.org.  Passwords are the same as what students use to sign onto a WCSD computer.


    Instructions for registering for Remind.com for my classes.  Make sure to use the instructions for the correct class period.

    Remind Period Enrichment

    Remind Period 1

    Remind Period 2

    Remind Period 3

    Remind Period 4

    Remind Period 5

    Remind Period 6


    Panther Planner (School-wide grading and expectation)
    Expectation: Each class period in that day's rotation is filled with the class lesson and the homework listed for each period in each day's rotation.

    10 Points   Completed (all class periods with required information)
      5 Points   Partially (minimum of half) completed
      0 Points   Blank or less than halfway completed
      1 Point     Parent Signature (only once per week necessary)


    There are three weighted categories that make-up the Overall Grade.  They are...

    65% Assessments      
    25% Assignments        
    10% Final Exams (District Final)

    Academic Warnings: Note...They are mailed one week after teachers have posted the grade.  Within that week's time period, more assignments have been entered into the grade book, so the grade on the Academic Warning may not match the grade in Infinite Campus.  Please click on the "schedule" tab and then the subject in Infinite Campus to see an accurate depiction of the current grade. (The "To Do" list and the "Grades" do not give full details or show if an assignment has been marked "Turned in.")


    Absences: Students need to speak to their teachers the day they return from an absence to get all assignments missed and to make arrangements to take any tests they may have missed.

    Infinite Campus:

    Infinite Campus Login for Students: Students need to check Infinite Campus weekly.  Please remember that this is an active grade book and grades constantly change, sometimes daily.  Students can access IC at school in the library at lunch or from home.  There is also an APP on the iPhone for the Campus Parent Portal. The District ID for the App is mjcfxt.

    Infinite Campus Student Instructions - First Time Users