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  • Incline Middle School Course Offerings for 2023-24

    Washoe County School District Core Courses: Science, Math, English Language Arts and Social Studies Grade 6 - Grade 8

    Music Elective: Beginning Band and Advanced Band, Jazz Band, Beginning Orchestra and Advanced Orchestra

    Art Elective: Art 1 and Art 2

    Technology Electives: Computer Science, Podcast, and Robotics

    Special Electives: Yearbook, Success Skills, Algebra 1, Drama, Gifted and Talented, Directed Studies, Yoga, and Exploratory

    Exploratory CoursesBowling, Mountain Biking, Pet Network, Swimming, Cross Country Skiing, Mountain Gateway Exploration, Video Production, Crochet, Mousetrap Cars, Trash to Treasure, Culinary, Musical Theater, Leadership (Student Counsel), Intervention, 3D CAD and Printing