•                                                                                 4 Scholarships for Welding Students - Tulsa Welding School 

    Now is a good time to apply for scholarships!           

    Most Higher Ed schools offer Internal Scholarships.  Check with your intended College/Colleges/Trade Schools, etc to find out what they offer and important deadlines.     

    There are thousands of scholarships available every year. Try using these websites to narrow down your search for scholarships and start applying. Make sure to check our link for Local and National Scholarships that are posted regularly as well.  

    Nevada Fund - over 35 Local Scholarships from Local Donors.  Create a Login and Take the Scholarship Eligibility Quiz to Link to Different Scholarships

    Uniglo - List of Local and National Scholarships

    Fast Web - Personalized Scholarship Search Site.

    Going Merry - Scholarships Picked Just for You. 

    Ncaa - Student Athletes

    No matter which scholarship you apply for, please consider the following:

    • There are many scholarships available.  Apply often!
    • Read and follow the application instructions carefully.  If you have questions, reach out for clarification before applying.
    • Try and submit your application well before the deadline.
    • Save or make extra copies of any paper application forms.
    • Proofread your application and have at least two other people review your essays.  Save your essay in a separate document so you can update it.
    • No amount is too small.  Every dollar adds up!