• MHMS Falcon Choirs: Information for Exclusions

    Choir students that are excluded from school due to COVID protocols will need to attend class by joining the live video meetings through Teams each day during their regular class time as part of their class grade. There will not be any other requirements of them such as a check-in form or an assignment, just the attendance of and full participation in these live video classes. They are basically attending our class remotely and will receive credit toward their choir grade just as if they were attending in-person as long as they are engaged & participating in what the class is doing.

    Students will find the link to join the meetings by going to their Choir Class “team” in the Microsoft Teams app. The link posts when I open the meeting and each day that will be a bit different, but it is usually within 2-3 minutes of class starting.

    Due to the nature of a choir class standards & singing in general, students’ video cameras will need to be on during these live class meetings so their participation in the activities can be seen. Students will also need to attend the entire class. These are the ways they will receive full credit.

    We were very successful using this method last year during both hybrid and full-distance learning. It keeps the students up to date on the learning taking place for their choir class and keeps them involved with us as a team and learning community as well.

    The Bell Schedule is Posted on this website on the page titled: Bell Schedule & Other General Info

    Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. I understand that exclusions are frustrating and difficult.




    Mrs. Orton

    Director of Choirs

    Marce Herz Middle School