Link to 2021_22 Choir Concert and Events Schedule Document


    Important Choir Concerts & Events Information:

    • Concerts or Performances of any kind are a culminating experience for a musician. The opportunity to share the music that has been worked on to uplift an audience is a special experience; one that is hard work, but both educational and inspirational. As such, much of the WCSD curriculum standards are driving steps toward a concert-type event. This will be reflected in the weight these events have on any WCSD music student’s grade. A student’s full engagement in the performance process (including rehearsals in preparation for these events) is what is expected, not a professional level mastery of such things. If students simply stay positively engaged in this process in class before, during, and after a concert event, their grade will always reflect this, even if they may not have a perfect mastery of all aspects of the music being presented. Progress and effort is the desire here, not perfection.  
    • Concert Events are graded based on such criteria as arriving on time, signing in, wearing the concert uniform, mastery of the concert music, and full, appropriate engagement during the event. Please see the 2021-2022 Falcon Choirs Concert & Event Schedule linked above for a list of the mandatory, graded Concerts & Events for this year as well as those that are optional, supplemental ones.
    • If a student is unable to attend any of the mandatory, graded concerts, rehearsals or events, there will be an alternate assignment available for them to recover those lost points for their grade as long as there has been written communication between their parent and the teacher about the absence.
    • We will wear our MHMS Concert Uniforms at all concerts and many other such performance events. This uniform consists of 1) Top: The MHMS Music Department Concert Polo for Intermediate & Advanced Choir students and the MHMS Music Department T-shirts for the Beginning choir students. These shirts will be provided to the choir students prior to their first concert of the year. The cost of these shirts are covered with the annual class fees. 2) Bottom: “Concert Black” from the waste to the floor. Please see the “Concert Uniform (Attire) Info” page on my website for details about this.
    • Students and parents assume responsibility for transportation to and from choir events held after school hours unless specifically communicated otherwise.
    • These scheduled choir concerts and events are educational, exciting, fun events that help students develop self-worth and empower them to reach beyond perceived limits of their abilities. I believe that both the students and the audience will find them uplifting and inspiring. Looking forward to seeing you all there!